Repost Bonanza: Buddy & Julie Miller – Annapolis, MD (10/14/99)

buddy and julie miller

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Buddy & Julie Miller
The Ram’s Head Tavern
Annapolis, ML

01 announcer intro
02 My Love Will Follow You
03 Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
04 A Kiss on the Lips
05 Don’t Tell Me
06 talk
07 All My Tears
08 Hole in My Head
09 Out in the Rain
10 I Don’t Mean Maybe
11 That’s How Strong My Love Is
12 Forever My Beloved
13 thanks and crowd talk before encore
14 Broken Things
15 final thanks & crowd

Repost Bonanza: Buddy and Julie Miller – Charleston, WV (07/28/96)

budy julie miller

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Buddy & Julie Miller
Mountain Stage
Cultural Center Theater
Charleston, West VA

01 Emcee Intro
02 My Love Will Follow You
03 I Don’t Mean Maybe
04 Hole In My Head
05 Don’t Listen To The Wind
06 You Wrecked Up My Heart
07 By Way of Sorrow
08 I Call On You
09 Broken Things

Lineage: FM > CD-Rx > EAC > FLAC-8

Repost Bonanza: Buddy & Julie Miller – London, England (02/14/00)

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BUDDY MILLER, with Special guest Gurf Morlix
Bob Harris Country BBC2
The Borderline
London, UK
14th February 2000

01. intro by Bob Harris
02. 100.000.000 Little Bombs
03. Don’t Tell Me
04. Help Wanted
05. Interview
06. You Wrecked Up My Heart
07. Sometimes I Cry
08. Interview
09. My Little Cajun Baby
10. That’s How I Got To Memphis ( w/Gurf Morlix)
11. I’m Pretending
12. Interview
13. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
14. Hole In My Head
15. Interview
16. Nadine
17. outro

Radio broadcast
Lineage unknown

Repost Bonanza: Neil Young & the Mynah Birds – Studio Outtakes (01/??/66)

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This is a very interesting recording. It is one of Neil Young’s earliest bands and features Rick James (yes that Rick James on vocals.) They were signed to Motown Records and what we have here is the beginnings of what would have been their first record, but Rick James got busted for draft dodging and the record got shelved.

Neil Young & The Mynah Birds
Studio Outtakes

It’s My Time, Mix 1
I’ll Wait Forever Mix 1
Masquerade, Take 1
Masquerade, Take 2
Fantasy, Mix 1
I’ve Got You In My Soul
Go On and Cry

Neil Young: Guitar
Ricky “I’m Rick James, Bitch” Matthews: Vocals
Bruce Palmer: Bass
Rickman Mason: Drums
John Taylor?: Rhythm Guitar

Repost Bonanza: The Dead Milkmen – Austin, TX (02/04/89)

the dead milkmen

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Austin, Texas
Liberty Lunch

Source: Aiwa cassette deck & external mic
Taper: ROIO420 (
Location: 35 ft from stage, center.
Conversion: Aiwa cassette deck>CoolEdit@44.1>CDWave (WAV splitter)>MKW Audio Compression Tool>MP3@320

00) Phone spot from club
01) Mother’s Little Helper
02) Big Time Operator
03) Tiny Town
04) I Care About Nutrition
05) James Brown
06) Stuart
07) Where The Tarantula Lives
08) Brat In The Frat
09) I Walk The Thinnest Line
10) Smokin’ Banana Peels
11) Lucky
12) Punk Rock Girl
13) Serrated Edge/V.F.W./I Against Osbourne/Beach Song
14) (Theme From) Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern
15) You’ll Dance To Anything (Swordfish)
16) Beach Party Vietnam – MISSING FROM SET
17) Proud Mary/Bitchin’ Camaro
18) Surfin’ Cow/Rastabilly
19) Two Feet Off The Ground
20) Ringo Buys a Rifle
21) Life Is Shit