Lossless Bootleg Bonanza:Van Morrison – Keeping It Simple At The BBC 2008 – Flac (02.12.08)


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Keepin It Simple At The BBC

February 12th, 2008TrackList

CD 1
Poor Boy
That’s Entrainment
Don’t Go To Nightclubs Anymore
Behind The Ritual

CD 2
Have I Told You Lately
Magic Time
One Irish Rover
Precious Time
How Can A Poor Boy
Song Of Home
Keep It Simple
Don’t Go To Nightclubs Anymore
End Of The Land
Behind The Ritual

New Notes:
Source:  Simon
Lineage: Analogue FM – R1 – Wave – Cool Edit Pro – Flac TLH Level 6 aligned to sectors.
EAC Rip , Encoder FLAC Reference libFlac 1.1.2
Perfect Lossless
FFP, MD5, New TrackList Document, auCDtect Flac Report and Original Art Work Included.
The music is crystal clear – studio cut clarity – and CD2 is just Brilliant!!!!
FreeMorrison February 17th, 2012

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Leadbelly And Woody Guthrie WNYC Radio (12/12/40)


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Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie

WNYC Radio – Folk Songs of America
New York, NY

This is an 25-minute episode of “Folk Songs of America”, a program produced by noted folklorist Henrietta Yurchenco which featured Leadbelly.  In this episode, Woody Guthrie is his guest.

Lineage: Transcription > 7″ Reel

01. Announcer Intro
02. You Can’t Lose Me, Cholly (Leadbelly)
03. Announcer
04. Frankie and Albert (Leadbelly)
05. John Hardy (Woody Guthrie)
06. Jesse James (Woody Guthrie)
07. The Ballad of Tom Joad (Woody Guthrie)
08. Boll Weevil (Leadbelly)
09. Announcer Outro

offered up by Rauol Duke

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Hornsby – Charleston, WV (10/14/11)

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Bruce Hornsby
Clay Center for the Arts
Charleston, WV

Source: Zoom H4 @ 24/44

Transfer and Assembly: 24/44 wav, AA3 for fades and level adjustment, r8brainpro for 16/44, cdwav for tracking,
foobar for tags

The Road Not Taken (missing)
Candy Mountain Run (cuts in)
End of the Innoncence (“Walkin Music” while Bruce moves to dulcimer)
Bruce BS’s with us> Shadow Hand
I Truly Understand
Drunken Hiccups>Valley Road
Prarie Dog Town
Hooray For Tom? (Bruce goes back to the piano)
Spider Fingers
Jacob’s Ladder
Talk of the Town (with Riders teases)
Circus on the Moon
The Way It Is
Rainbow’s Cadillac (With “Who Knows” Jam)

Mandolin Rain> Grand Tour(George Jones song)> Mandolin Rain


-Level flux on track 1 from 5:37- 5:57

-Recorded by Phishblowz

-Transfered and assembled by popskull

Phishblowz Notes:

During the “Walkin Music” the beat is so funky that Bruce gets caught up and plays with the band a
little bit before actually leaves the piano…great stuff

Who Knows jam is derived from the devastatingly groovy riff by Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsys…
I imagine you would have to know this already as fans of good music, but I figured I’d add it as a sidenote just in case

Sonny Emory was unable to attend for this show…Moyes Lucas filled in on short notice…he fit right
in like he never left, I wouldn’t have known he wasn’t a regular…

I met the band after the show, and although Bruce was tired, he was kind enough to talk to us and sign stuff outside the bus…this was supposed to be the last show of the tour, so he’s obviously in need of rest, but they had a make up date in Pittsburgh from a Sept show cancelled due to the hurricanes…even still he was gracious and kind…his memory is amazing too!!! a woman claimed to have first seen him during a soundcheck at some place I don’t remember, back when he was with GD, and he immediately said no, I never played there with them…over 100 shows and he knows where he was and when…said it must have been TOO or something…she insisted it couldn’t be, because she was a fan ever since, and it was before 98…who knows? I figured that maybe Bruce was opening with the Range or something, and that’s what she’s thinking of…just blew me away that Bruce wouldn’t just smile and nod and shake her hand and sign her shit…truly a classy guy with a helluva memory…I hope he writes a memoir someday, it would be a bazillion pages long!!!! LOL

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza:Van Morrison EDINGBURGH At The Playhouse (08.04.99) Flac


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The Playhouse Edinburgh
August 4th, 1999

CD 1
Sack O’Woe
How Long Has This Been Going On (For Chet and Kenny)
When The Leaves Come Falling Down
In The Afternoon, Joe Turner Sings, Don’t You Make Me High, SexMachine Medley

Disc 1 Total Time:  49:53

CD 2
Goin Down Geneva
Vanlose Stairway
My Lagan Love
Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
Back On Top
Philosopher’s Stone, Oh Didn’t He Ramble
Help Me, Green Onions
Precious Time

Disc 2 Total Time:  54:10

Source: Downloaded by me from Somewhere
Lineage: EAC CD Rip Silvers> Flac 7  (the sound clarity is very good to excellent).
Size: 506Mb’s
FFP, MD5, .M3ufile, auCdtect Flac Reports, (all files 100% Flac) and Original Art Included
FreeMorrison February 15th, 2012

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – BILBAO LIVE 2006 (06.28.06) Flac


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Van Morrison
“Far Away From The Celtic Ray”
Palacio Euskalduna – Bilbao (Spain)

June 28th, 2006
AUDIENCE Recording, Very Good

CD 1
1 I’m Ready (Ned Edwards)
2 The Beauty Of The Days Gone By
3 Fame
4 Talk Is Cheap
5 Early In The Morning
6 Big Blue Diamonds
7 Stranded
8 All Work And No Play
9 Magic Time

Total Time CD 1 41:12

CD 2
1 Lost John
2 Your Cheatin’ Heart
3 Moondance
4 Stop Drinking
5 Days Like This
6 Playhouse
7 I Can’t Stop Loving You
8 Help Me
9 Precious Time
10 Brown Eyed Girl
11 Gloria

Total Time CD 2 47:03

Source:  Norm
Lineage: Unknown , excellent audience recording
Venue: Palacio Euskalduna – Bilbao Spain
Size: 500Mb’s

New Notes:
FFP, MD5, auCDtect Reports, (a few files did report MPEG source),  and Original Art Work Included
Many Thanks to Norm for sharing this one with me, from the 1st listen I knew this was something special.
It remains one of my favorites for many reasons, the incredible sound clarity, the set list is awesome.
And Van is in top form here in Spain.
Thanks Norm, Much Respect my friend.
FreeMorrison February 16th, 2012

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Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Sessions

Bob Dylan
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid Sessions

Links removed because the rights holder to “Sweet Amarillo” has requested a take down.

Original Uploader Release Notes

DISC 1 [60:49]

20 January 1973 CBS Studios, Mexico City, Mexico

1. Billy (instrumental) [0:43]
2. Billy (instrumental) [2:27]
3. Billy (instrumental) [1:35]
4. Billy [8:29]
5. Billy [6:46]
6. Turkey (instrumental) [1:19]
7. Turkey (instrumental) [1:02]
8. Turkey (instrumental) [3:54]
9. Tom Turkey (Turkey II) (Billy) [6:55]
10. Billy Surrenders (instrumental) [3:49]
11. Billy Surrenders (instrumental) [3:28]
12. And He’s Killed Me Too (instrumental) [2:55]
13. And He’s Killed Me Too (instrumental) [0:08]
14. And He’s Killed Me Too (instrumental) [0:08]
15. And He’s Killed Me Too (instrumental) [4:51]
16. Goodbye Holly [2:20]
17. Pecos Blues (instrumental) [0:46]
18. Pecos Blues (instrumental) [4:04]
19. Billy [5:10]

Complete circulating material from this session.

Backed by Terry Paul (guitar, bass, vocals), Mike Utley (organ), Sammy Creason (drums), Stephen Bruton (guitar)

This one comes from LB-1013 original set (Yassas Remaster), though I just made a simple de-equalization to make it sound closer to the original recording I had from the 2nd session.

Original Uploader’s intervention
a) Slight deamplification of -1.35 dB throughout
b) Gradual mid cut of -0.82 through -1.34 dB, slightly applied from 1k to 2.5k (through the whole set)

Lineage: shnf (LB-1013) > wav (mkwACT) > wav (adobe audition 1.5 – de-eq.) > renamed flacs (Rname-it.exe) > flac (flac 1.2.1b w/flac frontend 1.7.1 – align on SB option – level 8 – verify on)

DISC 2 [52:18]

February 1973 Burbank Studios, Burbank, California

1. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [4:44]
2. Sweet Amarillo [1:10]
3. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [3:52]
4. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (instrumental) [8:17]
5. Rock Me Mama [3:46]
6. Billy 7 [1:33]
7. Billy 7 [1:10]
8. (instrumental) [2:11]
9. (instrumental) [2:02]
10. Final Theme (instrumental) > Ride Billy Ride [4:18]
11. (chatter) [0:16]

Terry Paul (bass, vocals), Roger McGuinn (guitar, banjo), 1-5 Jim Keltner (drums), Carol Hunter (vocals), Donna Weiss (vocals)Brenda Patterson (vocals),Carol Hunter (guitar), Gary Foster (flute), Carl Fortina (harmonium), Fred Catz and Ted Michel (cellos), Bruce Langhorn (guitar) , Booker T (bass), Russ Kunkel (tambourine, bongos), Byron Berline (fiddle & vocal), Priscilla Jones (vocal)

This is part of LB-4820, but shn files have been decoded and converted to flac.
Lineage: shnf (Pat Garret 2nd Session fileset from LB-4820) > wav (mkwACT) > flac (flac 1.2.1b w/flac frontend 1.7.1 – align on SB option – level 8 – verify on)


November 1972 – January 1973 Sam Peckinpah’s House, Durango, Mexico

1. Billy [0:40]

Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) with a male voice shily accompaining Bob in the background

Mono recording, 3 minutes (the segment included here is only a 40″ sample)
Received as flac from Michpom. The only one thing he did with it was to pitch it down a little bit using Magic Easy Cleaning software.
Lineage: ?>open reel>DAT>CD-R>wav(easy CDDA extractor)>magic easy cleaning(pitch down)>.flac(flac 1.2.1)>renamed flac(Rname-it.exe)

NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SET (low sound quality)

December 1972 or January 1973 Sam Peckinpah’s house, Durango, Mexico

12. (instrumental) [4:19]
13. (instrumental) [3:11]
14. Billy [3:45]

Note that not included set is just the same one as presented on last 3 tracks of the boot “PAT & BILLY / BOB & SAM”, which turned out to be fake. Track 14 is and edited/degraded version of take #5 from the 1st session (“Billy 4” on the official album) which has been probably taken from the movie soundtrack or movie outtakes discarded during the editing process (as it does include sound effects, such as boot steps and marching horses) and the instrumentals just unidentified pieces which might not indeed come from Peckinpah’s House recording as only circulating take from that event is the above mentioned 3 minutes Billy.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (04/02/99)


 Download At FileSwap:VAN MORRISON
Playhouse Theatre
Edinburgh, Scotland
April 2nd, 1999 (Fri) COMPLETE
Source: Downloaded By Me from Somewhere
Lineage: Encoded by FLAC v1.1.2a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1
Size: 633Mb’s

Disc 1
01-Muleskinner Blues
02-Night Train(*instru)
03-Centerpiece > Be Bop A Lula
04-Moondance > My Funny Valentine
05-How Long Has This Been Going On > For Chet And Kenny(*JS)
07-Goin’ Down Geneva
08-In The Midnight
09-Back On Top
10-Help Me
11-In The Afternoon > Joe Turner Sings > Don’t You Make Me High
12-Precious Time

Disc 2
01-For Mr. Thomas
02-Vanlose Stairway > Trans-Euro Train
03-Tupelo Honey
04-Cleaning Windows
05-Georgia On My Mind
06-The Healing Game
07-See Me Through > Soldier Of Fortune > Burning Ground
08-Just Like A Woman
09-Have I Told You Lately

Set 2: Muleskinner Blues
Comment: set 2 = guest appearance with Lonnie Donegan
4m occured before regular set
Richie Buckley – flute, soprano, tenor & baritone saxophones;
Mick Green – guitar (from Goin’ Down Geneva onwards);
Matt Holland – trumpet, flugelhorn;
Bobby Irwin – drums;
Ralph Salmins – drums, percussion;
Johnny Scott – electric and acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals;
Nicky Scott – bass and backing vocals;
Geraint Watkins – keyboards and backing vocals.
Special Guest: Phil May (PM)
Source: WL
This show clocks in at 136 minutes-that’s 2hours and 16 minutes.
Unheard of today and Van is at his best period in my opinion
and he is talking and not Mr. Grumpy at this concert. I received
this in a trade and it is a wonderful show but the concert as I
received it had numerous transition problems between tracks.
I do not know if this is how it was originally vined.
I have reworked the tracks to make it seamless.
I have not changed the sound of the concert as I feel it is great
as it is.
There is some distortion on Disc 2-Tracks 8 and 9 but I
did not change it.I did repair a problem towards the end of In The Midnight.
Enjoy!!!!!!!!Van The Man Is Good For You

FFP, MD5, New Correct Art Work, auCdtect Flac Report (100%Flac), all files updated and tagged.
FreeMorrison February 15th, 2012
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