It’s Good To Be Home

My in-laws live in a very small Indiana town. To get anything at all you must run the fifteen miles to the closest “big town” which has a Wal-Mart. This is as good as shopping gets in their neck of the woods.

Amy and I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few toiletries and what-not that we had not bothered to pack up and take with us to Indiana. Rural Indiana is not the best place to find wonderful American culture. I was quickly reminded of what many foreigners think about us. Mainly that we are fat, lazy, loud and obnoxious. There was plenty of each category on display for us at Wally-world.

While returning a few items that Amy’s mother had purchased her I overheard a conversation between two ladies. When asked how she was doing, one lady replied that she was on disability now. As if this somehow answered the question. Her tone of voice suggested that she had been waiting her whole life to be on disability and that by managing to qualify for this program constituted some great achievement.

Items securely purchased, we headed out of the store and home. As we were exiting a lady and what I presume to be her son were confused as to which doors were the exits and which were the doors to enter. In fact, all doors were suited for both entry and exiting the building. They proceeded to walk out one set of doors, as another lady was entering through the same. In conversation with her son over which doors were which, the confused mother noted that this other lady was walking in the wrong door.

Overhearing the accusation, this lady decided to loudly proclaim that she was sorry, and that confused mom should “get over it.”

Confused mom decided this was a suggestion filled with rudeness and decided to properly use etiquite by screaming, “You stupid B**tch!”

Home sweet home, as they say.

Kinda, Sorta Back

We returned safely from our two week vacation (what I was vacationing from, I am unsure)on Saturday evening. It was a grand, if exhausting old time.

I do plan to blog out the whole trip, but I'm just not sure when. We fly to America on Thursday and there is much to do before then. My landlady is coming over this evening for a final inspection, so we are busy cleaning everything to perfection. This is particularly difficult since we have no where to put our bags in this small place. Of course, we are also packing everything we have in preparation of our departure. I didn't think we had purchased that much stuff in our time here, but packing it all up has proved me wrong. We sent one suitcase with our friend Pamela when she returned to the states. We still have four very full suitcases sitting here, plus a large duffel bag, two small carry on bags, a back pack and a laptop bag. This is what we will take on the plane, but does not include the 2-5 boxes we will have to ship full of junk.

My wife is a pack rat extraordinaire. We've had far too many over arguments over the packing situation. You see I believe we should take what is necessary, and chuck the remainders, which too me includes stuff like books, towels and things. Amy likes me chucking my books just fine so she'll have more room for her pizza advertisements and torn maps on the backs of menus. Seriously, we've argued over whether or not to keep a Dominos ad, because it is in French and she might possibly one day want to use it for class. Such is life with a pack rat.

But I digress much. The point of this little post was to say I am not going to have time, most likely, to blog our past trip. Thursday is coming too fast to get everything down. Sometime in August I should have a moment to get it down, plus our trip home, Gatlinburg excursion and possibly the new move to Bloomington. So it will be a long period of nothing followed by a massive dumping of blog experiences.

Such is my blog.