The Gmail Project

Since Google has graciously began giving out e-mail accounts with over 2 gigs of storage space I have concocted a plan to share the groovy tunes that I know I have, and I’m sure frequent readers of Brewster’s Millions share.

I’ve created a secret Gmail account in which those deemed worthy enough can begin sharing music via MP3s and other compressed forms.

The idea started backed when a bunch of blogging friends and I started talking about music. I realized that we all shared some common interests, but also often referenced bands that I had never heard of. Since music is insanely expensive, and some of the friend’s lived across the ocean it seemed difficult to enjoy these musilogical musings without going broke in the process. Thus the gmail thingy as we affectionately called it was born.

It worked like a charm. Now when one of us has a song we particularly dig, we throw it to the shared Gmail account. We can then download, listen, and if we dig it go out and purchase the album.

The process isn’t really to be the new Napster or Limewire service, but to share music we love. It’s also not about getting free music, but rather opening each other up to new sounds, which when dug, will bring us to new purchases.

So record industry types, if you come across this, please don’t despair. I have no need to start up a big music stealing business. Sure a few songs will be swapped, but in the end more music will be bough and your pockets will be lined.

If you dig the idea, and want to share the music, send me an e-mail at

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