9 thoughts on “What Michael Jackson Would Look Like Without Plastic Surgery

  1. Ooh, and give him an “in” black hairstyle. I’m sure he might still have enough class to make himself look fashionable. Don’t you think?

  2. he has vitiligo, a skin disorder causing him to lose much pigment in his skin.
    his skin would be just as light as it currently is.

  3. This is false!!! Plastic surgery on his face did not make his body white. He had a skin disease, Vitiligo. It caused him to lose pigmentation in his skin. So he would still be white. Decent attempt, but uh, still a fail.

  4. Apjax: Michael Jackson had several surgeries to get a white skin. Yes, he had a skin disease that caused white spots on his body but the disease didnt make his whole body white. Take a look at his hands. The skin under his nails is still black!

    1. Have you ever take a close look at his fingernails?You said he did surgery several times,do you have any proof?By the way,are you a fan of Michael Jackson?ADIOS.

      By Sash n Thar ^_^

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