Top 5 Reasons WordPress.Com Blogs Suck

1. No Template Control: WordPress does not give free account holders access to their templates. They give you a handful of varying styles to choose from and that’s it. Users have very limited control over what their blogs look like.

They do allow users to use some very basic coding in the sidebars and posts, but without full control over the templates every blog looks almost exactly the same. It’s like we’re all using the same cookie cutters, but have different colored icing.

There isn’t even access to create an individualized banner heading. All that can be added is text. No graphics, just boring.

2. No Java: Free WordPress users can kiss sophisticated coding goodbye. Man, I aint even a tech geek, and this pisses me off. I don’t know Java coding, but there are a few cool widgets out there that do and I can’t add them because WordPress blocks it.

3. No Embedding: This is a Youtube world, but if you’d like to imbed your favorite video into your blog, you’d better not have a free WordPress account. They won’t allow it. The few times I’ve wanted to show my readers a video, I’ve had to capture a couple of pictures and link to the Youtube page direct.

4. Only Ten Widgets Allowed: The almighty WordPress gods have give us users a little bit of control with some widget space on the sidebars. Except as mentioned before it doesn’t accept complicated coding, only basic HTML. And they only give you ten boxes to do it in.

Now admittedly, you can add multiple codes into each box, but it is still extremely limiting the ability of users to create their own space.

5. No Decent Stat Counters Allowed: WordPress includes its own stat counter, but it only tracks page views, not unique visitors. Who the crap only wants page views? I need to know how many actual visitors I have. And while they keep tabs on things like where your visitors are coming from and search terms they used to get their they only present the last ten or so. To get a full idea of your stats you’d have to log your stats every ten minutes or so all day long.

As the final straw in their suckiness, they also don’t allow outside stat counters to keep track of everything. About all you can capture from outside counters is page views and unique visitors. That’s a little more beneficial than the crappy WordPress version, but they won’t allow outsiders to track where your visitors are coming from.

I realize this is free software, and I shouldn’t expect the moon, but the things I’ve just outlined are very basic ideas that wouldn’t jeopardize the integrity of their free space, and it doesn’t seem like these things would be that expensive either.

Blogger enables pretty much all of those things. In fact the only reason I switched to WordPress in the first place was due to Blogger not having any categorization of posts. Which, in their updated version, they do carry. If I wasn’t in preparation of buying my own web host, I’d dump WordPress in a minute.

33 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons WordPress.Com Blogs Suck

  1. Well why dont you gat a domain name, get some free or cheap hosting, install a copy of wordpress from choose from one of the thousands of free wordpress templates and start blogging that way?

    Just a thought.

  2. I’m currently unemployed and pinching pennies. Once I get steady employment again, I plan to do just that.

    But still I think my complaints are reasonable and that there is no reason wordpress cannot supply these things on their free accounts.

  3. 1. Most templates allow custom image headers and color controls. CSS editing, which can make your blog look like anything, is about a dollar a month.

    2. There is some javascript (not java) allowed, why not request specific widgets rather than just saying you want javascript. (Our JS restrictions are why isn’t ridden with viruses, phishing, and spam, btw.)

    3. You can embed Youtube, Google, Odeo, etc etc. There are instructions on the video tab on your post page.

    4. You can have more than 10 widgets, just only up to ten text or RSS widgets.

    5. You can have sitemeter, check out the FAQ.

  4. Thanks for the comment Matt. I take it that you have something to do with wordpress? Nothing personal meant in the post, honest. I was just frustrated with a number of things and decided to rant.

    In response, and again not meaning any harm I’ll say:

    1. I haven’t seen any templates that allow custom headers. I see the change in colors, but that’s all. Am I missing something? CSS editing, while cheap still isn’t free and franky I don’t know anything about it.

    2. Honestly I don’t know java or any complicated scripting, but my real complaint here stems from any time I try to use a video or widget or anything that give me a complicated code it doesn’t work here.

    3. Where is this video tab you speak of. I don’t see any tab labeled video anywhere. I’m not ruling out that I may be blind or just thick, but I don’t see it.

    4. This one was admittedly a bit of a stretch for the top five, but it does seem silly to me to limit those widgets to ten.

    5. You can have sitemeter, but wordpress doesn’t allow it to gain complicated stats. I use statcounter here, but can only get my uniques and page hits. That stinks.

    Thanks again for commenting and if you do stop back by, I’d appreciate some more help. Ultimately I was thinking about blogger and how they give users the ability to go right into their template and change anything you want. WordPress seems to hold things a lot tighter, which as you say may mean less trouble, but it is frustrating to me.

  5. well then why don’t you move to blogger beta you can do all of the above things that you mention that your unable to do. its a matter of choice. While I agree wordpress is a bit restrictive its because it is run by a bunch of people not a huge company like Google or yahoo. Hopefully WordPress gets acquired by yahoo and opens up all the restrictions.I am not to happy with what they have done with blogger beta.

  6. I was actually on blogger at first but moved to wordpress for a couple of reasons – 1 at the time blogger didn’t have categories and 2 I screwed up my blogger template and the whole page disappeared.

    I do currently have a beta blogger account. I like it pretty well, but I won’t move because that screws up the people who link to this one. Hopefully in the near future I’ll have my own place, but I’ll stay here for now.

    It’s funny the comments I’ve gotten on this post (here and elsewhere) people seem to take it personally, or ask me why I just don’t go elsewhere.

    Valid enough points, I guess, but this is just a simple list of complaints, and by golly if complaining isn’t American I don’t know what is.

  7. Not to mention that their username/password system SUCKS. Am I the only one that can’t use the randomly-generated password it gives you? wtf

  8. the entire wordpress company sucks! matt mullenweg is nothing but a self-worshipper who thinks he owns the world. he doesn’t give a crap about anything or anyone as long as he’s getting the cash he wants. he’ll walk over anyone in the process with no problems at all. it’s only a matter of time before the true colors of him and his company come out.

  9. Oh yeah….I’m spreading the word about WORD SUPPRESS….they can kiss my ass and all the rest of my group of bloggers who have had it with “MATT” and his ‘censorship’ of abused women.
    If I have to take post by post to go over to BLOGGER where they allow FREEDOM of speech…then so be it.

  10. WordPress SUCKS!

    I am fed up with the spam, now can’t even get into my account, and can’t get any support from the wordpress folks.
    I am going to stop using it and hope it goes away.

  11. For $9.95/mo you can get hosting for an unlimited number of domains at Hostgator (and others). Then, $8/yr per domain covers your costs.

    What I find to be a drawback is that when I add plugins the whole stinking blog starts to go weird on me. Code and more code and more code and I have no idea how to fix the problems! Frankly, I prefer to code my own sites from the ground up and use a blog ONLY if I truly am posting “web log” type info.

  12. You can do Youtube Videos on WordPress blogs. Turn on the HTML view in your post and do this:

    Where v=xxxxxxxxx is the video you want to link to.

    But one thing to watch out for (and Google does this too) is they can remove your blog without any warning under the dubious “TOS” hat.

  13. I agree. WordPress sucks big time. Banned 3 of my blogs because I mentioned the phrase “realestate opportunity.” I know another person who had her blog banned because she said she wanted to get “rich fast”in her bio. She created a WordPress blog to talk about it and the shut that down. I don’t bother with it anymore. There are lots of other blogs much better than WordPress.

  14. has repeatedly refused to do anything about a hosted blog on their web site beyond deleting the images.

    This blog has violated my copyright rights 3 times and violated my privacy twice all within a week and continues to harass me.

    Does WP care? Not at all. So I agree sucks. They refuse to ever delete a blog for even violating their own TOS over and over. They don’t care how their users harass others. is very poorly run to say the least.

  15. Look at these wordpress noobs. Get a domain and some hosting and use wordpress the way it was meant to be used.

    I love it when stupid people complain about heir own stupidity.

    If you are a blog noob, you can pay wordpress to host a limited site, but don expect to be able to do any fancy stuff, dd you not even read anything like review before you bought the service?

    It’s like buying packet of cornflakes and ranting like a baby about why there isn’t any milk supplied.

    WordPress rocks full stop. An inept user always blames their tools. Get off the Internet it’s too complicated for you.

  16. I would agree with this post, Blogger, out of the box, can do so much more than the limitations imposed by WordPress. No Embed tags, and a system that takes ages to update things, oh, and a preview button that is totally screwed!

  17. It does suck, I went back to blogger. Better. I can’t embed a regular HTML to my blog sidebar in wordpress. Blogger did it just fine.

  18. I really don’t give a sh**T about these “genius” people associating WP as user friendly.

    Let’s just be Real -the life of a Blogger is:
    -to Share Info
    -to Express Oneself
    -to be one with the World in showing
    who you are by showing off your blog as
    a personal site!

    This is what blogging is all about! You do not need to learning some F**ckng WordPress codes to express yourself right?!

    Do not use WORDPRESS coz It SUCKS!

  19. Our company was erroneously set up with a site, by a very poor “designer” who apparently had some sort of a partnership with wordpress..*he had them advertised on some links we later found* He had our entire account screwed up and failed to tell us that Java was not allowed, so unbeknownst to us, we had a non-working donate-now button..We lost over 500 donors who attempted to use that button after we were introduced at a meeting that included some Senators and other key Veteran folks. Today we are finding out that is trying to charge our tiny charity $30 for the Custom design, which just last year and the year before was only $14.97.
    The only notice we got via email was 5 days before such said date, and of course it takes anywhere from 3 days or more just to get a response by email *their only source of contact*

    We run a small Military Charity and certainly cannot afford that huge of a jump on something as important as our CSS..I do most of the website work and I am in no way a website designer, and don’t know how the heck to get our page away from WordPress..When I called our host GoDaddy, they just wanted to sell us a bunch of crud and give us no advice on what to do.
    I am feeling like is hijacking our non-profit charity page for their own monetary gain, and that there is not much we can do until we find a Designer to volunteer their time and get us away from this

    For the reasons above I am having to give *two thumbs down*

    On a side note- I have asked for my email to be forwarded to the CFO and if they fix this I will happily update here after receiving my response *if any.*

  20. Reason #6

    Apparently, they don’t want you to leave (think Hotel California played 1000 times in your head). The way to delete your blog is to go to Tools, Delete. However this option does not exist…. I changed my email address and site name in order to stop the spam emails. Now my email address in wordpress is “”.

  21. Does WP suck???? No….that would be insulting to apps that do suck. WP is far worse. Im a newbie to WP and have spent a little over a month of 4 to 10 hour days on it and I have the same amount of progress to show for my time, that I had the day before I tried to use it. Its an alien unfunctional interface from hell. Im currently going thru 3 phone book sized books I bought for “dummies” like me and still cant get it to do “anything.” I own a computer based recording studio and have been trying for a few years to get an online presence without giving someone half of my life savings to set a web page up. So far…no website. Ive had Dreamweaver for years but it isnt WYSIWYG. Its even worse than WP! Im getting somewhere with XARA…but WP???….ill need an internet PHD first before I start at WP 101 tutorials. You think Im kidding? Im dead serious. Steer clear of WP.

  22. WordPress sucks and so does the site……………i was sent confirmation of username and password and cannot access it………..

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