The Simpsons: Season 18, Episode 11 – “Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times”

#1 Sign the Simpsons is losing steam (again) in the 18th season: It’s a parody show in three parts.

Couch Gag: Simpsons are diaper wearing babies who crawl to the couch where they then age to their normal selves.

LOL Count: Too few too bother with


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Random Shuffle – 01/29/07

“Ruler Of My Heart” – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band featuring Norah Jones
From Medicated Magic

With the upcoming, soon to be released (better get here quick for I’m going crazy out of my friggin’ skull) Norah Jones album Not Too Late, I have been listening to every scrap of music containing that voice. This includes her studio albums, her side projects with bands like the Little Willies, bootlegs, and this little collaboration with the Dirty Dozen Blues Band.

What I love best about Norah, I mean besides the voice – oh man, that voice, so sultry, and sexy, it just knocks me down flat on my back and runs over my body like melted chocolate on a Sunday night – what I love about Norah is her ability to break out of the constraints of her own genre. She’s signed to a jazz label, and plays silky smooth jazz songs, but isn’t afraid to cover Hank Williams or duet with Dolly Parton. She forms a band with the Little Willies and plays Texas swing and country music, all signs of an artist who loves music, no matter what genre you might place it in.

Here she’s singing a long with a New Orleans brass band with big horns and still make it sound sexy as crap. Well, not real crap because that’s not sexy at all, but sexy as…Norah Jones’ voice. Her voice is so sexy it ought to be the standard to which all other sexy things are compared. Continue reading “Random Shuffle – 01/29/07”

Don’t Tell Ma, But I F@!#$-ing Love the Sopranos

I have spent all of yesterday, and the majority of this morning watching the Sopranos on DVD. I can’t stop watching. I watch one episode and tell myself that this is it. “No more episodes,” I tell myself, then just for kicks I look at the summary of the next episode and then I start watching. And watching.

And watching.

I’m in the middle of season two, and the only thing that will keep me from stopping is the fact that I don’t have season three on DVD…yet.

For ages people have been telling me to watch the Sopranos. Every time I talk to my brother he asks me if I’ve started watching it yet. I’m glad I can finally say, that yes, I’m watching it.

Holy Canole, this show is freaking good.

My wife will attest to how much I love gangster movies, television shows, books, news clippings, and anything I can get my hands on. I don’t know what it is about the lifestyle, but it has always fascinated me. I think it has to do with those guys not giving a shite about anything or anybody. Where most people spend their lives with the status quo, avoiding confrontation at all costs, mafiosos thrive on it. They aren’t afraid to get in your face and tell you to “go f—k your mother” if that’s what will get them what they want. There is something empowering in that idea.

But I’m digging to deep when all I want to talk about is how much I freaking love the Sopranos. It’s really great TV, and seems to be one of the first shows to really move out of the television norm, and become something more cinematic, more artful.

I love the way they use language, and the way they all carry themselves, with a sense of worth and style. I love watching Tony be so conflicted with his family, and the “family” while still seeing a shrink in order to better himself. I really dig this show, man.

I’d say more, but I’ve got to go watch another episode.

Home Movies

Way back in my college days, me and the boys made several films. A good friend of mine, KellieJ edited them all into a four minute clip set to music.

It features the Peanut Butter Move (in which a jar of peanut butter attacks the citizens of Montgomery, Alabama), Paranoid Guy Volums I,II, and III (in which our protagonist – a very paranoid fellow – flees from suspicious looking folks who simply want to talk to him about something innocuous – like a dropped wallet,) plus a few other bits of sillinees.

It’s all fairly silly and strangely homo erotic.

Music Review: The Grateful Dead – Live At The Cow Palace

Grateful Dead  - Live at the Cow PalaceMany years ago, while looking at my bootleg collection, my brother asked me if I really needed so much Grateful Dead.

In their 30 year career, the Grateful Dead created at least five distinct sounds, had hundreds of songs in their repertoire, and lived on improvisation. Truly, every concert they ever played was a unique and different beast. They never played the same song twice. They have, in fact, released no fewer than 30 live albums and continue to do so, on a regular basis. And as anyone in business will tell you, they wouldn’t be doing so, if there weren’t people buying them.

So, my answer to my brother then, as it is now is, “definitely, dude.”

Their newest live outing, Live at the Cow Palace, comes from a performance on December 31, 1976, and it’s a smoking one. The Dead’s New Years Eve performances were legendary for their monolithic length and monstrous sound. Clocking in at well over three hours, this one is no different, and since it didn’t get started until a little before midnight, it must have been some party through the wee hours of the new year. Continue reading “Music Review: The Grateful Dead – Live At The Cow Palace

Blockbuster VS Netflix, Part II

After reading this article about Netflix being so much better than Blockbuster, I wanted to add my two cents into the folk, yet again.

There has been much ado about Blockbuster’s Total Access program, and I have already stated my opinion on the idea, but now having lived with it for a couple of months I want to talk about how it actually works.

The idea is fantastic – bring your mailed DVDs to the store and they will automatically send you the next movie in your queue, plus you get to rent a movie from the store for free.  From what I have seen it doesn’t work quite so smooth.

When I go to the store with my handy-dandy mailer, the clerks glady allow me to rent a movie from the store, and seemingly tell the computer that I have turned in the movie.  However, it is always at least the next day before registers that my movie has been turned in, and then it is another day before they actually send the movie out.

Before this system, I averaged a new movie every week.  Maybe I would get two if the days fell in line (I’d turn one in on Monday, and receive a new one Friday or Saturday.)  While in theory I should receive my movies more quickly with Total Access, in reality I do not.  I still average once a week.   Take this week, for example.  I turned my last movie in on last Thursday, Blockbuster says they mailed it on Monday, but I did not get it until today (Friday.)  They shipped from Indianapolis.  I’m 50 miles south of Indianapolis.  If I mailed an item from here to Indy, there is no way it would take five days for it to arrive.  Something is screwy with that.

Still, the in store rentals seal the deal, for me at least.  Being able to go to the store with my returns and get new movies is exceptional.  Also they still give me one coupon a month for a free rental.  There is no way that Netflix beats that.

DVD Pick Of The Week: Saw III

Now that the Oscar nominations have come out, the good folks in charge of releasing DVDs are starting to get back with the program (or this is still my theory anyway.) I actually had to think for a couple of seconds about what I’d pick.

There are a couple of great Akira Kurosawa releases, but since they’ve been released before (and I actually already own them) I skipped them for the pick. There’s also another supposedly great documentary all about the movie ratings board, but that didn’t get my pick. What did get my pick?

Saw III (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

reaking bad horror, that’s what. I’ve discussed my affection for the Saw series before, even if, you know, they aren’t actually any good. The idea of the Saw-man creating a new, girl, disciple to do his dirty work after his dead is a pretty stupid idea in a series full of them, but I just can’t help myself.

There will be gore and creative deaths and groans at how ridiculous it all is. And really, isn’t that all we need from horror these days?

Other notable releases this week include:

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Concert Review: Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt, Joe Ely, And Guy Clark – January 21, 2007

lovett.jpgPart I: The Long Laborious Road

Picture this: It’s two weeks ago, and my wife is making a list of all area concerts within the next few months and then we debate upon which ones we might attend. There was the Cheiftains here in a few days, the Lemonheads in Indy in a few weeks, Guster down the road in March, and oh, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, Joe Ely, and John Hiatt in Indianapolis on Sunday. Yeah, let’s do that.

The wife left for work with instructions to make with the purchasing of tickets. Dutifully, I looked up the show, found the venue’s website, and looked for a phone number or method of buying online.

All roads led to Ticketmaster, those bastards. I punch in for two tickets in the best available section. Nothing. Hmm, that’s weird, lets try again. Still nothing. Okay, let’s try the cheap seats. Then the expensive seats. Nada, zip, zilch. Maybe they are sold out. I’ll try buying just one seat. Bingo. So, they either only have one seat left in the whole venue, or they have several single seats throughout. I’ll have to wait for the wife to make that call.

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