BC Creator Johnny Hart Dies

hart2.jpgOne of my earliest daily rituals as a child was reading the comics page during breakfast, and then again after school with the afternoon paper. Growing up I didn’t care about what was going on overseas, throughout the nation, or even locally. Hard news wasn’t interesting. Neither was the sports page, or even the movie gossip. But everyday I grabbed for the newspaper and turned to the funny pages (located on the last page of the Sports section. On Sunday mornings me and my siblings would fight over who got the full-color jumbo comics section (six full pages of comics no longer delegated to the back of Sports.)

These days I no longer receive a daily paper, and without it my daily dose of comics is gone, too. However, I do look them up online, from time to time, and get my fix. I’m also a fan of the book collection and so my shelves are lined with the likes of Calvin an Hobbes, Fox Trot, Dilbert and Get Fuzzy. It might not be a daily dose, but the deep wells of elixir I obtain from those books is enough.
As time has passed the comics page has changed.  Bill Watterson retired, Charles Schultz shed his mortal coil and new, younger (and less interesting) comics took their place. Sadly, one more has passed from the comics page to the obituaries (ugh, that I might just be an awful turn of phrase, bur pretend it is lovely.)

BC creator Johnny Hart passed away Saturday of a stroke. He was 76. 

I can’t say I was much of a fan of BC in my adult years, but I still remember it fondly from my childhood squished in between Frank and Ernest and Cathy. It shall be missed, I am sure.

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