DVD Pick Of The Week: Planet Earth

planet-earth-4pclrg.jpgLet’s not talk about last week and my faulty memory.  Instead let’s talk about how amazingly awesome I am for getting this week’s edition out on the actual day of new releases.

I’m so cool.  Really, really cool, is what I am.

This week is pretty groovy too in terms of new DVDs out.  Too bad I dropped Blockbuster and am poor, because otherwise I might actually buy some of these.

The POTW for today is the Discovery Channel documentary Planet Earth.  I wasn’t able to see all of it, I don’t own a HDTV set, the behind the scenes cut to commercial bits were annoying, and they were all a little too full of their own awesomeness, but it was definitely pretty darn spectactular.  God’s green and blue, and red earth is truly beyond amazing.

This isn’t something I’ll be rushing out to get, and if I ever do buy it, it won’t be watched with regularity, but it’s something I’d love to have on the shelves and be able to pull out and admire it’s sheer expansiveness and beauty.

Other releases this week:

The Queen:  Lots of raves and awards for this one.  I’m not much for stuffy royal dramas, or for the royal family for that matter.  I never quite understood the hoopla over Princess Diana, but I like Helen Miran, and the acting is supposed to be divine.

Night at the Museum:  When my brother and I saw the previews for this in front of Borat, we both groaned and laughed at it’s ridiculousness.  I secretly figured it was something I’d wind up seeing with my parents as it is right up their alley.
Instead I saw it with a friend and my wife.  It was better than I thought, but still pretty much what you’d expect.  It’s fun though, and silly, and good for the whole family.

Harry and the Hendersons:  Speaking of good for the whole family, I remember my family loving this film.  In fact I remember my uncle laughing over a certain scene in a jail cell and the main characters stench for weeks after seeing the film.  That’s pretty much all I remember about the film – my family liking it.

Jane Eyre (1944):  That’s the Orson Welles version.  I almost hate to admit I really loved Jane Eyre as a book, as I generally loath romance novels from this period.  I’ll blame it on the gothic elements, instead of the love.

I’ve never seen any film version, but if you’re going to do a film version, you could hardly do better than Orson Welles.

Anna Karenina:  Have yet to crack the book for this, but I like Tolstoy’s short stories, and well, it’s a bloody classic.  Haven’t seen the film either, but well, it’s also bloody classic.

Steven Wright:  When the Leaves Blow Away:  If you don’t love Steven Wright, then stop reading this blog.  We have nothing in common; we’ll never understand each other.

Jean Renoir Collection (La Fille De L’eau, Nana, La Marseillaise, Sur Un Air De Charleston, La Petite Marchande D’Allumettes, Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier, Le Caporal Epingle):  I’ve only seen a couple of Renoir films, but they were enough to make me want more.  This probably isn’t the best place to start for newbies like myself as it seems to be more obscure films, but certainly worth a mention.

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