A Minor Ramble

I’m sorry I’ve been a little slow to blog this week.  Work has been rather annoying which has put me in kind of a blah spot blogwise.  I periodically get into a blog funk along the lines of ‘what’s the point of all this anyways?’ and ‘who would really give a rat’s fart if I stopped all together?’ 

It’s a little bit of burn-out, I suppose.  Trying to be a professional type blogger, I churn out posts pretty much every work day, and after awhile that gets really tiresome.  For the most part I really enjoy blogging even though it doesn’t bring any money or fame or glory.  It’s fun to be a little creative, and have a voice in the world.  Usually that’s enough.  Sometimes though, I can’t help but want more.

The funk will end soon enough, and the old Brewster will be back in his Millions.

I’m also thinking about making this little adventure a little more personal again.  When I first started it was all about me and what I was doing, then it turned into this pop-culture shenaniganism.  Sure, I still divulge personal details and feelings in my reviews and essays, but it’s long since moved away from this-is-what-I’m-feeling-right-now.  I’m starting to get the itch to get back to personal blogging, but I’m afraid it will make the blog even more enigmatic than it already is.

And with that I’ll mention a couple of personal things. 

I’m going to see Patty Griffin tomorrow.  I won’t classify myself as a full fledged fan, as I’ve not heard but a couple of her records, and those not too many times, but I dig the sound and I dig live music.  The Holly says she’s “magical” so this whole thing is on her if it doesn’t go well.

The wife and I have applied to China.  I believe I’ve mentioned in these parts that my sister and her husband are teachers at an international school in Shanghai.  They love it there and have often said we should come.  After many months of talking about it, we’ve finally decided to try.  Resumes have been given to the proper people and good words spoken about our name.  We’re expecting a call anytime now.

4 thoughts on “A Minor Ramble

  1. I call it “the tyranny of the blank screen”.

    It’s mental version of “Blogger’s Cramp”. Happens all the time. I hope you get the call soon. Sometimes, a chance of scenery is what we really need.


  2. “the tyranny of the blank screen”.

    I like that. The funk is already removing and I suspect a nice weekend away will improve things even better.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  3. I take full responsibility for any non-awe of a Patty Griffin live show, as such a thing is not possible unless you’re in a parallel universe. Maybe not even there.

    I wish I could somehow lead you through a world made desolate in the dearth of your writing, but suffice it to say I know you’ll be “feeling it” again before too long–there’s too much interesting stuff in that head to stay locked inside. Just remember, every time you post a blog, an angel gets its wings.

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