0 Days Of Ryan Adams – Last Nights “Two” From Letterman

I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker with the Ryan Adams countdown. Lots of stuff has gone down in the old home life, and I’ve been busy packing. We also spent the last several days in Tennessee visiting various family members.

Obviously, Easy Tiger came out this past Tuesday. Due to the aforementioned traveling, I was unable to purchase it until just last night. Two listens in and it isn’t as marvelous as it was in my mind (and from my memory of the live performance) and yet it is better too. I have no idea where I will place it in the pantheon of Ryan Adams records yet, but I think it will float somewhere to the top of the pile.

“Two” is already one of my favorite songs, and I was literally singing it in my head these past few days until I bought the album. Ryan played it last night on Letterman and it is a thing of beauty.

Oh, Fate! You Cruel Wench!

You will recall, dear reader, how but a few weeks ago I forsook the fair Miss Gillian Welch to see one despicable Ryan Adams, and that same despicable so and so took the liberty of my faith and put it in a shower cap.

Said Mr. Adams is once again testing my faith by showing up at the very same venue all by his lonesome (with backing band, of course.) He is also doing this after the unleashment of Easy Tiger, which is nothing but brilliant, and beautiful, and phenomenal.

I’m afraid I must go again, and be treated poorly.

Unless my wife says no, which she may as we are poor and that is but a few weeks before China and there are better things to do but be mistreated.

Poison Covering Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”

Seriously. The 80’s hair metal messiahs have released a new album full of unusual covers, including the recent Timberlake hit. I liked Poison in their hay day. Ok, I loved them and all their hair. But I was like 13 and hair metal was a big deal. I still like them for their cheesy nostalgic bliss, but dear gawd, I don’t need them to release new material.

Just tour on the greatest hits package boys.

I’m not a fan by any means of Timberlake, though if pushed I will admit he has the best sound of any of his contemporary boybandness. He at least gets out some interesting beats. But one thing this song didn’t need, was more bad metal guitar. Whatever, here is a video of the song not made by the band (but a fan) but it apparently now has the approval of the band.

My iPod Won’t Let Me Buy Icky Thump

389px-ipod_5th_generation_white_rotated.pngSomehow, through God’s good graces I talked my wife into letting me purchase a new 80 gig iPod. I presented to her all the problems I was having with the old, 40 gig pod, and while sympathetic, she still balked at the price of a new one. With much pleading and begging she still wasn’t convinced. Then we talked about how we would be taking various train trips, etc. in China and she could use the old iPod as her listening device.

While traveling through Europe she was pretty much screwed in this department.

This finally made her relent.

I still had to write it off as my next anniversary, Christmas and birthday present.

She now uses this expense as an excuse to buy her own toys. Movies, music, clothes are all within her grasp because she can say I bough something expensive and all she wants to spend if a mere twenty dollars or whatever.

And now she will not let me buy the new White Stripes CD. Actually, before my wife scolds me for that comment, I have to say I haven’t really even asked. I just know what the answer will be. But when Easy Tiger comes out, I think I’ll try to slip it in anyway.

Still, I love my new toy. I’m 16,000 songs in (yes I actually have that much music) and I still have ten gigs left. I’ve gotten just about everything on there except for some random bootlegs. With an internet connection now iTunes is able to look up the music on a CD and figure out what it is. This makes ripping CDs so much easier. However, I have some bootlegs that are too obscure for even the internets. Instead of manually typing all that in, I decided they weren’t worth the trouble. There is also a box full of Grateful Dead bootlegs circa 1977 that I am leaving out. I figure the thousand plus songs I already have from the Dead online are enough for China.

I’ll probably miss them though.

Goodbye Passport

In order to avoid the long drive to Chicago, as we did for our French Visas, we have decided to go with one of those companies that does all the footwork for you. After talking to several local travel agents (OK, so the wife actually did the talking and investigating, while I stayed home and cleaned the toilet) we decided to go with Travisa.

They have a whole online registration thing, but in the end you have to send some paperwork to them via the snail system.

Yesterday we went after new passport photos (which weren’t really for passports, as we have those, but for Visa applications.)  We first went to Wal-Mart, and yes I know they are evil, but they are also really close, and cheap, and (usually) hassle free.  Oh how I wish we had gone somewhere else.  When we first arrived they were out to lunch, I guess, as they had a sign signifying they would be back in a bit.

We decided we were hungry so we stopped by the sandwich shop for a bite.  The lady behind the counter apparently wasn’t really the lady behind the counter, as she said she was only filling in for the real lady, who had to potty.  She begged us not to make our order complicated, so we decided to spend our time deciding on what to order.

Real lady came and we ordered.  Then the carbonated beverage dispenser was out of carbonated beverage and we should have been wise to the ominous signals.

I’ve gotten this out of order.  Before lunch we roamed the store a bit and came back to the photo counter, where we were told to come back in half an hour as their was a baby appointment for photo taking.  Then we ate.

Post eating we returned to the photo shop where we waited some more as the baby wasn’t yet done.

Baby finished and we took photos.  Then we said we needed more photos as there were lots of applications to attach photos to.  More photos were taken, but alas they didn’t turn out for reasons that will remain nameless.  The photo lady recommended CVS and sent us away.

Two hours down, no photographs.

CVS took our photos, but the lady noticed my hair was sticking straight up.  She started to take more, but the battery went dead.  She promised to crop out my bad hair.  She forgot during the crop shopping.

We got photos thought, even with bad hair.

Today we got it all together and sent it on its merry way.  You have to include your passports with those things.  That’s scary.  Very scary.  If this fouls up we are without passports and we’re short of time getting new ones.

Arriving home from sending our lives away I realized we used my mother’s PO Box as the address to have these things returned.  PO Boxes don’t take next-day delivery and we ordered next-day delivery.


Amy made a phone call and things were set straight.


Ok, so this is actually a fairly boring story.  But see we’re about to go to China and all my family will want to read about our travails.  Thus lots of boring information.  Get used to it, and go buy the new White Stripes album.  I haven’t yet because I bought a new iPod, and the wife says that’s all I get.

Concert Review: Wilco – Murat Theatre, Indianapolis

music_3-08_wilco_05.jpgWe had three tickets to see Wilco and only to people to go. A friend who belonged to the other ticket had to cancel at the last moment. I had posted to message boards and asked friend to come, but no one responded.

Free tickets to see one of the greatest live bands playing today and no one responded. I think I need to find new friends.

So we arrived at the venue early, hoping we might find some hapless soul willing to buy the one ticket. Almost immediately we found some guys on bikes with signs saying they were buying tickets. There was a little haggling, and I found myself on the losing end of that. Ten bucks and I was free one ticket. That’s a lot less than I paid, but a little more than nothing.

The Murat is a beautiful old theatre in downtown Indianapolis. Having arrived early to unload the ticket and having already done such, we walked into the entryway of the theatre to await the doors to open. Many folks were already there. An odd thing this always was to me as we had assigned seats so there was literally no reason to arrive so early, but there we were.

Our earliness was paid off as a young man came out stating that the band had asked him take fan requests. My mind went racing. I was dying to come up with something obscure and unique – something that the band would see and love and no doubt talk about from the stage. Maybe even ask me to come on down and sing it with them.

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Concert Review: Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival Featuring IIIrd Tyme Out And Dr. Ralph Stanley

My wife and I have lived in Bloomington Indiana now for the last five years or so. While living here there are several things we have always planned to do: see an IU football game, not for the game (for no one wants to see the Hoosiers play football) but because my wife is a band geek, and she’d like to see the marching band perform. We’d like to go to a basketball game, as basketball is the one sport IU consistently does well. We feel we ought to see the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby just once, though neither of us can gather up any kind of excitement for that. And we always plan to attend the Bill Monroe bluegrass festival.

Until this week, we’ve seen exactly none of those things. Since we are headed to China in August, we finally decided to buckle down and attend the bluegrass festival. Even then, we had plans to attend every night of the eight-day festival, but due to problems of infinite proportions, we were only able to make it Tuesday and Saturday.

You could say bluegrass is in my blood, though I didn’t know it for many years. My great-uncle played with Dolly Parton when she was little, and my cousin plays guitar in Ricky Skaggs band. Most of my dad’s family plays some sort of instrument, and they say family reunions are a sight and sound to behold.

None of this information was actually known to me for many years. I thought we were a pretty boring family for most of my youth. In fact I can remember my parents deciding to go to a bluegrass festival when I was in my early teens an

d I had to ask what the heck bluegrass was.

“It’s like country, but faster and with more twang,” Mom told me.

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10 Days Of Ryan Adams

“What Sin” – From the Henry Rollins Show

One of my favorite rockers from Ryan. It has a big blues feel to it and the Cardinals totally get off on it.

“I See Monsters” – 07-22-06 Norfolk Virginia

This is actually one of his super soft little numbers, except here it is totally cranked up. Totally different version from the studio deal, but still very excellent