Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Tampa, FL (02/01/09)

bruce springsteen superbowl

Bruce Springsteen
Feb 1, 2009
Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, Florida

Links are down and I no longer have a copy of this show, sorry.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Born to Run
Glory Days
Working On a Dream

I wasn’t actually able to catch Springsteen’s performance at the Super Bowl last night.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I saw the performance, I just couldn’t hear it.  I generally don’t pay any attention to the Bowl at all, but I was invited to a party and made an appearance for long enough to eat some good food, catch a couple of commercials, and see Bruce play.  Trouble was, there were too many people in too little a place and they were all way too uninterested in the half-time show to pay any attention.  All that equals a lot of noise which drowned out the tunes.   I did get a good chuckle out of watching Bruce do the knee slide right into the camera though.

Thank god for the Internets though, for some kind soul taped the show and I’ve got the tracks.

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