Bootleg Bonanza: Bill Frisell – New York, NY (10/25/97)

bill frisell

Bill Frisell
St Anne’s Church
Brooklyn, NY

Links are down. I will eventually find my CDR and put it back up.

Gimme A Holler
One of These Days
Mr. Memory
Go Jake
We’re Not From Around Here
Lookout For Hope/intro of band
Keep Your Eyes Open
Cluck Old Hen
Egg Radio
Wildwood Flower
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Players:   Bill Frisell: guitar, Jerry Douglas: dobro, Victor Kraus: bass

Comments:  “Arts At St. Ann’s In Brooklyn” Church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, New York

WFUV radio broadcast

This amazing group celebrated the “Nashville” release. This is one of only four shows the Nashville Trio played, all in October of 1997.

I’ve only recently discovered the wonder of Bill Frisell but I landed a pretty good block of live shows from him through the Philzone community.

0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Bill Frisell – New York, NY (10/25/97)

  1. I am a huge Frisell fan and was excited to find this site. However; none of the download links for the Frisell shows seem to be active. The all stated to be temporary unavailable. Does anyone know how/when they will be available for download?


  2. Don, I just tried the link on this site and it worked fine so try them all again. If you are still having trouble let me know and I’ll see if I can work something else out.

  3. Don, I think you made another comment but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. If you’ll remind me again which show was missing I’ll try to find it.

    As for finding more Frisell, I know he’s out there as I’ve heard he gets traded a lot, but I don’t know where theose places are. I’ve posted all the shows I’ve found.

  4. man, i forgot to thank you for this one!
    plus i’d originally found this in some crappy 128 bitrate and your upgrade was very welcome (in spite of a low ‘hum’ betw tracks) – i’ve got on right now and WHAT a great show this is and with such a dream trio.
    jerry douglas’s artistry in particular lately , has been impressing the heck out of me – he can do no wrong imo.
    thanks again mat!

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