Bootleg Bonanza: Fleet Foxes – San Francisco, CA (06/26/2008)

fleet foxes bottom of hilll 20082617148026_e0612fd557

Fleet Foxes
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco

Sun Giant
Sun It Rises
Drops In The River
White Winter Hymnal
Ragged Wood
Your Protector
Oliver James

I’m afraid I no longer have this show.

The Fleet Foxes rocketed to indie stardom with their debut, self-titled album last year and with good reason. Their sound is something like a bizarre mix of Bon Iver and American Beauty era Grateful Dead. Their harmonies are ragged, but oh-so right.

This is a really nice short set from last summer. The sound quality is good, but there is a lot of audience noise, which is really distracting during their quieter moments where they are just singing. Months later, and on tape I still want to smack some faces and shout “shut the crap up!”

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