Bootleg Bonanza: The Faces – London, England (04/01/73)

the faces - paris - 1973

The Faces
Paris Theatre
London, England

Links are down. I’ll eventually find my CDRs of the show and reupload.

Miss Judy’s Farm
Too Bad
That’s All You Need
Stay With Me, Memphis
True Blue
Twistin’ The Night Away
Discuss It
Cut Across Shorty
Bad And Ruin
It’s All Over Now
Had Me A Real Good Time
I’m Losing You

I can hear the groans all the way from China. “Rod Stewart, really?” Say what you want though, this is some really good, fun rock and roll. Stewart may have become a schmaltzy caricature of himself, but in the day he really had it, and this bootleg proves it.

6 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: The Faces – London, England (04/01/73)

  1. Say what you want indeed. When Rod Stewart was with the faces, they put down some of the best rock n roll of their time. Rod Stewart eventually went disco, then adult comtemparary , but back then, these guys rocked. Im always looking fo a great faces show any where between 70-74. This is a great addition to anyones collection. Great job, my friend
    PS. I am just discovering your site, and me likey

  2. Is it possible to download this bootleg onto my mac and transfer it to a CD? Anyone able to give me a step by step guide as to how to do it properly?

  3. Download the file. Unzip it. Add it to iTunes. Highlight the songs then flick File>Playlist from Selection

    You will now have a playlist of just the songs for this show.

    If you want a CD that will play in every CD player you will need to convert the files to WAV. If you just need an MP3 CD you can just burn the songs to disk.

    To convert to WAV: In the playlist you just created click on “Artist” at the top. This should order the show by track number. Double check this by highlighting the first song and then click “Command” + “I”.

    This will bring up the track info. The first track should be “track 1” then click next and the next track should be “track 2” and so on. Likewise you could simply check the setlists up at the top of this page and match it to what you are showing in iTunes.

    Next in iTunes click on the “iTunes” menu then click on preferences. Click on “Import Settings.” Change “Import Using” to “WAV Encoder” keep “settings” to automatic. Click OK

    Put a blank CD into your computer. In the left column in iTunes find your playlist (it should be labeled “The Faces – Live in London.” Control click on the playlist and click “burn playlist to disk.’

    Choose what speed you want to burn (I usually choose “4x” because I’ve heard higher speeds tend to give you errors.) Check “Audio CD” for Disk Format. Choose “None” for Gap between songs. Then click Burn.

    If you just want an MP3 CD skip the conversion part, create the play list, make sure it is in order then when you burn the play list simply choose “MP3 CD” instead of “Audio CD.

    Hope that helps. If you still have questions let me know.

    Also please do realize that MP3s are a lossy format. Converting it to WAV does not improve the soundquality it simply allows you to play the disk in every CD player. If you do any sort of bootleg trading or whatever let the people you are trading with understand the source is MP3.

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