Bootleg Bonanza: Evan Dando – Iowa City, IA (01/18/04)

evan dando

Evan Dando
Gabe’s Oasis
Iowa City, IA

Download MP3@192kps

recording: sbd>analog cable>sony tcd-d100
transfer: tcd-d100>analog cable>creative sb live!>cool edit 2000>cd wav>shn
tlh > cd wav > flac frontend level 8 asb verified

The taper ran out of tape on the last song, a Big Star cover,
so it fades out and then back in once he inserted a new tape.

Disc 1
01. Confetti
02. Into Your Arms
03. All My Life
04. My Drug Buddy
05. Hannah & Gabi
06. My Idea
07. The Outdoor Type
08. Tenderfoot
09. If I Could Talk I’d Tell You
10. Great Big No
11. Hard Drive
12. The Turnpike Down
13. Down About It
14. How Will I Know [Whitney Houston]
15. I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman [Britney Spears]
16. Different Drum [Michael Nesmith]
17. Why Do You Do This To Yourself?
18. Shots Is Fired
19. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without
20. Ride With Me
21. Stove
22. Fall Down Dead
23. Being Around
24. Frying Pan [Victoria Williams]
25. Rudderless
26. Lake Charles [Lucinda Williams]
27. Abandoned [Lucinda Williams]
28. Side of The Road [Lucinda Williams]
29. Like A Rose [Lucinda Williams]
30. It’s A Shame About Ray

Disc 2
01. We had it coming! I’m not political by the way!!
02. How Much I’ve Lied [Gram Parsons]
03. $1000 Wedding [Gram Parsons]
04. Mallo Cup
05. I Don’t Want To Hurt You
06. Window Shopping [Hank Williams]
07. Left For Dead
08. Style
09. Bit Part
10. Ballad of El Goodo [Big Star]

For a brief period in the early 90s I became  a fan of Evan Dando and the Lemonheads.  To this day I really love It’s a Shame About Ray.  I say I became a brief fan because not long after that album, and the folow up, Come on Feel… I stopped listening to them.  I had never bothered with their previous albums, and I have yet to get anything other than those two.   I suppose you could call me a casual fan, or only a hit listener, but the truth is that for those couple of years I really loved that band.  But as with so many things I simply lost touch with them.

This is an acoustic solo show with just Evan Dando.  The sound quality is really wonderful, and his performance is nice.  There is a cool mix of old Lemonhead numbers and all kinds of quirky covers.  Exactly what I want with this kind of show.  Be warned though, that when Dando starts talking he often sounds like a complete moron.  Dude, just shut up and sing!

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