Bootleg Bonanza: Billy Bragg & Wilco – Mermaid Avenue Demos

billy bragg and wilco

Billy Bragg & Wilco
Mermaid Avenue Demos

I have this show on CD. When I locate it I will repost.

She Came Along to Me
All You Fascists
Agin’st the Law
Agin’st the Law
When the Roses Bloom Again
California Stars
Hesitating Beauty
Greenback Dollar
My Flying Saucer
Hoodoo Voodoo
Ain’t Gonna Grieve My Lord No More
Give Me a Nail
Birds & Ships
She Came Along to Me
I Guess I Planted
Eisler on the Go
The Unwelcome Guest
California Stars
My Thirty Thousand
Bug Eye Jim
At My Window Sad and Lonely

Not much information is available in regards to these sessions, except that they were recorded in Dublin – probably in Jan. or Feb. of 1998. Some of these songs may have been recorded in Chicago in Late ’97/Early ’98 as well.

Beloved folk pioneer Woody Guthrie left behind hundreds of lyrics without any music to go with them. His daughter, Norah, wanted contemporary audiences to understand the greatness of her father and commissioned Billy Bragg to put music to those lyrics. He in turn brought along Wilco and they created the astounding Mermaid Avenue and the still good, but much less astounding Mermaid Avenue 2. These are the demos from those albums. Actually I’m pretty sure they are demos from the first album, but whatever.Most of the songs aren’t too drastically different from what you find on the official version. A few feature more stripped down versions of the final songs. “At My Window” is simply brilliant. They all make an interesting document on the making of what is truly a remarkable album.

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