Bootleg Bonanza: Ben Kweller – Bryn Mawr, PA (12/14/00)

Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller
The Point
Bryn Mawr, PA

Links are down, I have this on CD somewhere. When I find it I’ll repost.

Audix UEM-81>Sony-D8>PC>SHN
Taper Info: Jeff Tincher (

1. Intro
2. Ice, Ice Baby
3. Walk On Me
4. Wantin? Her Again
5. Problems
6. I Don’t Know Why
7. Make It Up
8. Say It Isn’t So
9. Commerce, TX
10. Lizzy
11. Panamanian Girl

Very decent sounding audience recording.  This is a fairly short set from Ben Kweller that feature but him and his acoustic guitar.  Most of Kweller’s music is not particularly complex and so this simplified setting isn’t too big of a switch, but it is nice.  It starts with a tongue-in-cheek Vanilla Ice cover and also includes a very for-real, but sloppy Weezer cover as well.  In between are songs off of  his early albums.  Very much worth downloading if you are a fan, though I’m not sure it will actually convert anyone.

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