Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Tuscon, AZ (??/??/75)

tom waits - lee fur - 1975

Tom Waits
Lee Furr’s Studios
KWFM In Concert
Tucson, AZ

I no longer have this show, sorry.

Source: PRE-FM (Master 1/2 Track Broadcast RR) > Studer A807 > Mastering (Custom Analog & Digital 3/05) > WAVLineage: WAV > FLAC [7]Recording Engineer: Lee Furr (likely)
Transfer and mastering: Jim Blackwood & Dave LaRussaIntro By Dave Gordon

Diamonds On My Windshield
New Coat Of Paint
Tom Gets Hustled At 9 Ball
Better Off Without A Wife
Truckdriver’s Wife – Semi Suite
Travelling Salesman – On A Foggy Night
Formula 44 Vs Nyquil – (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
Easy Street
Denver’s Terminal Bar – Fumblin’ With The Blues
Motel 6 Magic Fingers – San Diego Serenade
Bus Culture – The Ghost Of Saturday Night
Ice Cream Man
Drunk On The Moon
Big Joe And Phantom 309
Ol’ 55Nobody
Depot, Depot
Please Call Me, Baby
Commercial, Thank-You’s & Outro

Great, great show. Tom Waits at his best, riffing, joking and singing those songs. His voice sounds good and the quality is really great.

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