Bootleg Bonanza: Amy Winehouse – Live in London (08/03/07)

Amy Winehouse
Porchester Hall
London, England

Download MP3@192

Know You Now
Tears Dry On Their Own
You Know I’m No Good
Just Friends
He Can Only Hold Her
I Heard Love Is Blind
Take The Box
Some Unholy War
Back To Black
Me & Mr Jones
Monkey Man

In order to talk about Amy Winehouse let us divder her into two people. Let there be Amy Winehouse the person, whose demons have cause untold turmoil to her body and soul and are much for Tabloid fodder. Let there then be Amy Winehouse the singer, writer, and performer.

Let us then take Amy the person and disregard her for this is not a tabloid, and the lives of celebrity have no place her. What we have left is the musician, and a pretty darn good one at that. I loved Back to Black. It was full of soul, and funk and sounded like it was drug right out of some night club half a century ago. Beautiful stuff.

I hope that someday Amy the person gets over her demons, gets help and cleans up. I hope she is able to continue to make beautiful, wondrous music for years to come.

This concert, or at least the bootleg that represents that concert is a good one. Her band is cracking, and the songs are good. For the most part her voice holds up, though you can periodically hear the edge that years of abuse have caused. Still, absolutely worth the download.


2 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Amy Winehouse – Live in London (08/03/07)

  1. Beautiful recording of Amy in her prime. Great quality. Thanks so much! Hopefully Amy will find herself and get back to producing music as only she can.

  2. hey!
    the links dont work, i would love to have those bootlegs, i will upload them again, if you email me? please?

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