Bootleg Bonanza: Alanis Morissette – Landgraaf, The Netherlands (06/01/08)

alanis morissette pinkpop 2008

Alanis Morissette
Pinkpop Festival
Landgraaf, The Netherlands

I no longer own this show, sorry.

All I Really Want
Eight Easy Steps
You Learn
Citizen Of The Planet
Hand In My Pocket
You Oughta Know
Thank U

Another nice sounding show from the queen of irony.

I’m going to start adding Rapidshare links to my shows. I was just looking at my download statistics and it appears that people are downloading more shows from Rapidshare than Megaupload, even though I stopped using Rapidshare some time ago. I’ve also noticed that sometimes folks make it to my site by searching for “band name” plus “rapidshare,” but they never come looking for Megaupload. Thus I presume that Rapidshare is the more popular download site.

I have no idea why, because Rapidshare makes free users wait 7-20 minutes between each download, whereas Megaupload has no such wait period. But, I want to give the people what they desire and so I shall now post Rapidshare links to most new shows.

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