Bootleg Bonanza: Lou Reed – New York (05/05/08)


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Lou Reed
Highline Ballroom
New York City, NY

Disc 1
01. intro
02. Mad
03. Sweet Jane
04. I’m Set Free
05. Ecstasy *
06. I’m Sticking With You
07. The Power Of The Heart
08. I Wanna Know (The Pit And The Pendulum) *

Disc 2
01. Halloween Parade *
02. Video Violence *
03. Guardian Angel *
04. Magic And Loss *
05. crowd
06. Band Intros
07. Satellite Of Love *
08. Walk On The Wild Side *
09. outro / crowd

* w/John Zorn

THE BAND:Lou Reed – vocals, guitar
Steve Hunter – lead guitar
Mike Rathke – guitar
Rob Wasserman – bass
Tony “Thunder” Smith – drums, vocals
Kevin Hearn – keyboards,accordion, mandolin, vocals
Sarth Calhoun – computers, electronics
John Zorn – saxophone *

Bootleg Bonanza: Loretta Lynn – Birmingham (04/20/07)

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Loretta Lynn
Alabama Theater
Birmingham, AL

The Coal Miners
1. The World
2. Nobody But Me

The Lynns
3. All I Got To Say About That
4. Sarah
5. One Of These Lonely Nights

Loretta Lynn
6. Loretta Lynn Intro > Let Your Love Flow
7. When The Tingle Becomes a Chill
8. I Wanna Be Free
9. Here I Am Again
10. You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
11. Before I Loved You **
12. Fist City
13. Table For Two

Tayla Lynn
14. Rated X
15. Mrs. Leroy Brown

Loretta Lynn
16. Don’t Come Home A Drinking

The Coaletts (Back-up Singers)
17. Peaceful Easy Feeling
18. Man of Constant Sorrow

Loretta Lynn
19. Dear Uncle Sam
20. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
21. Where No One Stands Alone
22. How Great Thou Art
23. Coal Miner’s Daughter

Total Time: 76:07

** First time played since 1982

Notes: Entire show with The Coal Miners. Loretta sits in a gold arm chair center stage following the first 2 songs. After each song Loretta talks with the audience and begins taking requests even when she does not remember all the lyrics.

Bootleg Bonanza: The White Stripes – BBC Sessions

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The White Stripes
BBC Session
Sorry I don’t have any further information on this show.

Boll Weevil
lets shake hands
Death Letter
Astro / Jack the Ripper
Hotel Yorba
I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman
We’re Going To Be Friends
You’re Pretty Good Looking
Baby Blue

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Engineer Demos

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Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Engineer’s Demos

I’m The Man Who Loves You
Magazine Called Sunset
Poor Places
Shakin Sugar
War On War
Ashes Of American Flags
Cars Can’t Escape
Pot Kettle Black
The Good Part
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Let Me Come Home
Heavy Metal Drummer
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Corduroy Cutoff Girl(Radio Cure)
Never Let You Down
Venus Stop the train

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Michael Jackson – Japan (09/27/87)

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Michael Jackson
Venue: Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan
Date: 27 Sep 1987
Taper: Unknown
Source: Radio Broadcast
Transfer: CD-R from trade > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you
Sound Quality: A+ in my rating and ears….

Disc 1
1 Wanna Be Startin Somethin
2 Human Nature
3 Heartbreak Hotel
4 Medley Jackson 5
5 She’s Out Of My Life
6 Things I Do For You
7 Off The Wall
8 Rock With You

Disc 2
1 Lovely One
2 Working Day And Night
3 Beat It
4 Billie Jean
5 Shake Your Body > Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough tease > Shake Your Body
6 Thriller
7 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
8 Bad

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Gillian Welch – Santa Cruz (06/26/02)

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Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA
June 26, 2002

– From stereo soundboard DAT Master – EX+ sound quality.

CD#1: [first set] 53:43

01 Working out a sound problem + show intro 1:44
02 Tear My Stillhouse Down 4:45
03 Elvis Presley Blues 6:09
04 Rock Of Ages 4:08
05 I Want To Sing That Rock & Roll 3:15
06 Gillian talks about seeing shows at The Catalyst + intro to ‘My Dear Someone’ 1:01
07 My Dear Someone 4:34
08 True Life Blues 6:27
09 Annabelle 5:22
10 Tell Me What You Think About… 4:56
11 Everything Is Free 7:51
12 Red Clay Halo 3:06
13 Gillian says thanks + crowd noise before set break 0:24

CD#2: [2nd set] 59:48

01 Talk by Gillian + crowd noise 0:42
02 My First Lover 4:34
03 Talk: Gillian’s intro about recording ‘I’m Not Afraid to Die’ with Willie Nelson 1:41
04 I’m Not Afraid to Die 5:20
05 By The Mark 4:12
06 Revelator 8:34
07 talk: David’s intro to the next song 1:04
08 Fair And Tender Rose… 4:59
09 Happy Birthday 0:43
10 On The Way Back To The Old Home [lead vocal by David] 3:58
11 Talk: Gillian’s intro to ‘Tennesse Stud’ about Jimmy Driftwood 0:59
12 Tennessee Stud 6:16
13 Caleb Meyer 5:38
14 I’ll Fly Away 3:37
15 Gillian talk: intro to last song of show 1:32
16 Snowin’ On Raton 4:58
17 Gillian says thanks + crowd noise 1:00

Note #1: Unsure about the titles of the two songs that have 3 dots after them.

Note #2: When Gillian talks about shows she had seen as a spectator at The Catalyst (track 6 of the first set), she is referring to the time when she had lived in Santa Cruz and was in college at UCSC (University of California at Santa Cruz). Since she mentions J.J. Cale and Sun Ra, she is probably talking about 1990 since that is when Cale (April 2) and Sun Ra (May 5) both played around the same time (and I guess that she left Santa Cruz after that 1990 spring semester (she now lives in Nashville).

Transfer info: DAT Master > Panasonic SV-3700 (digital output) > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > Toast Titanium > CD.
CD extraction with Toast Titanium.
FLAC files created with xACT (level 8, sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie – New York, NY (07/25/75)


Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie
July 25, 1975
Wollman Rink; Central Park
New York City, N. Y.

Download: FLAC/MP3

mastered & transfered by Jerry Moore
8th row, right of center: Audience master (mics? > Sony TCD153)> cd
transfer: Wavelab > flac

Michael Row…
Ooh Lordy
Derry Down
Listen Here Mama
On a Monday
My Creole Belle
Where Have all the Flowers Gone
Bushwa Blues
Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Victor Jara
Patriots’ Dreams
La Revolution
Week on Rag
City of New Orleans
My Golden River
This Is Your Land
Wellonay the World Go
Cop in Town
In Massachusetts
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Lonesome Valley
Wiena Wet
The Lie
Motorsickle Song
Ukelele Lady
Bring Back 1899
If I Had a Hammer
Amazing Grace
Bye Bye My Roseanna
Jacob’s Ladder

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pete Seeger – In concert For Chile (03/07/78)

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Pete Seeger
In Concert for Chile
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK
03/07/1978 (March)

(no editing – mono recording)

01. Intro >
02. You’ve Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley (trad.)
03. Garbage (Bill Steele/Seeger/Mike Agranoff)
04. Victor Jara (Adrian Mitchell/Arlo Guthrie)
05. Estadio Chile (Victor Jara/Seeger) >
06. Guantanamera (Jose Fernandez Diaz (JoseĆ­to))
07. The Wagoner’s Lad (trad.) fragment >
08. Song Of A Strike (George Swetnam) >
09. Photographer’s Ballad (Grit Laskin) >
10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone >
11. If I Had A Hammer (Lee Hays/Seeger)
12. BBC radio closing

total: 40:06

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pete Seeger – University of Chicago (10/13/57)

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Mandel Hall
University of Chicago
October 13, 1957

Lineage: fm (Onkyo TX8511)>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor @ 16bit)>flac
This sounds like the first set.

1. Roll On Columbia (Woody Guthrie) 5:35
2. Reuben James (Woody Guthrie) 2:50
3. Clean-O (Woody Guthrie) 2:06
4. The Ladies Auxiliary (Woody Guthrie) 2:26
5. The Butcher’s Boy (trad) 5:09
6. Tina Singu (trad) 5:58
7. The Demi Song (composer unknown) 2:34
8. Queen Anne Front (Robert Schmertz) 4:24
9. Twelve Gates to the City (trad) 3:36
10. Kumbaya (trad) 4:47
11. Hey Zhankoye (trad) 2:37
12. Los Quatros Generalas (trad) 3:00
13. Green Corn (trad) 1:35
14. Bourgeouis Blues (Hudie Ledbetter) 3:12
15. Careless Love (trad) 4:25
16. On Ilkley Moor Baht At (trad) 4:16

Total Time: 58:36

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Nine Inch Nail – Bonnaroo (06/13/09)

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Nine Inch Nails
Which Stage at Bonnaroo
Manchester, Tenn.

CA-11>STC-9000>Edirol R-09 @ 16/44.1
DFC FOB near the rail; mics about 7′ high; about 70′ from the stage
SD>HDD>Winzip>MegaUpload>HDD>Winzip>Sony Soundforge>CDWAVE>Flac Frontend (level 8 )

Taped by MSTaper Jr.>everything else by MSTaper

Set List:

01- Home
02- Terrible Lie
03- Discipline
04- March of the Pigs
05- Piggy
06- Metal (Gary Numan cover)
07- Reptile
08- The Becoming
09- I’m Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie cover)
10- Burn
11- Gave Up
12- La Mer
13- The Fragile
14- Banged And Blown Through (Saul Williams cover)
15- Non-Entity
16- Gone, Still
17- The Way Out Is Through
18- Mr. Self Destruct
19- Survivalism
20- … band introductions
21-The Hand That Feeds
22. Head Like A Hole
23- Wish
24- … encore break
25- Echoplex
26- The Good Soldier
27- Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
28- The Day The World Went Away
29- Hurt

Running Time: 2:15:44