Nine Inch Nail – Manchester, TN (06/13/09)

Nine Inch Nails
Manchester, TN
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Which Stage
Wave Goodbye Tour 2009

Download FLAC: Internet Archive

Equipment: DPA 4060 (HEB) [up 11 ft. on a stand, Mounted on Mr. Potato Head's Glasses] + BB + Edirol R-09HR (24bit/48kHz)
Location: FOB,DFC
Taper: RyanJ (
Transfer: R09HR -> WAV -> CEP (Paste 2 parts together (2 GB limit), inc treble, reduce bass)-> CD WAVE (Track)->FLAC.

01. Home
02. Terrible Lie
03. Discipline
04. March of the Pigs
05. Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
06. Metal
07. Reptile
08. The Becoming
09. I'm Afraid of Americans
10. Burn
11. Gave Up
12. La Mer
13. The Fragile
14. Banged and Blown Through
15. Non-Entity
16. Gone, Still
17. The Way Out is Through
18. Mr. Self Destruct
19. Survivalism
20. The Hand That Feeds
21. Head Like a Hole
22. Wish (W/ Dillinger Escape Plan)

-Encore 1-
23. Echoplex
24. The Good Soldier
25. Dead Souls
26. The Day The world Went Away

-Encore 2-
27. Hurt

After 8 shows on this tour this was one hell of a way to go out. We had a nice bunch of taper's set up front of the soundboard for this show; Aaron, Will, Mark, and Morris. All of these guys were awesome and I cannot wait to hear all of their tapes. Just great guys to tape with. I taped with my regular rig but because the Roo is an open taping fest I put my mics on a stand 11 ft. in the air! When can you possibly say that for NIN!!! It was nice to be able to move my head around during a set for once!

Anways the set what PHENOMENAL!!!! Over 2 hours of NIN was played on the Which Stage and Bonnaroo and the setlist did not have any flaws. It hit every single album you could think of. The band had TONS of energy at this show and I think the crowd was very very respectable at this show. Everyone was really enjoying the music and being quiet at the more quiet songs (La Mer and Gone, Still). Dillinger Escape Plan came out during Wish was AMAZING!!!! They broke everything they could! I will have my footage up soon. This was unfortunately NIN's last show in the states for some time (I hope). Maybe one day they will do another small club or theater run again around the states. For now I am done taping, this was by far the best show I could possibly end on and will probably tape again but not in the near future. I hope everyone enjoy's this tape. It will be not only embedded in my brain forever but I will relive this experience everytime I put my headphones on. Enjoy for the last time.


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