Pete Seeger – London, England (03/07/78)

Pete Seeger
In Concert for Chile
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK
03/07/1978 (March)

I no longer have this show, sorry.

(no editing – mono recording)

01. Intro >
02. You’ve Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley (trad.)
03. Garbage (Bill Steele/Seeger/Mike Agranoff)
04. Victor Jara (Adrian Mitchell/Arlo Guthrie)
05. Estadio Chile (Victor Jara/Seeger) >
06. Guantanamera (Jose Fernandez Diaz (Joseíto))
07. The Wagoner’s Lad (trad.) fragment >
08. Song Of A Strike (George Swetnam) >
09. Photographer’s Ballad (Grit Laskin) >
10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone >
11. If I Had A Hammer (Lee Hays/Seeger)
12. BBC radio closing

total: 40:06

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