Bootleg Bonanza: The White Stripes – The Legendary Lost Tapes

white stripes - legendary lost tapes - R-1582986-1274278565.jpeg

The White Stripes
The Legendary Lost Tapes [2004]

Download MP3@192

01 – The Upholsterers – Aint Superstitious
02 – The Upholsterers – Pain (Give Me Sympathy)
03 – The Upholsterers – Apple Of My Eye
04 – The White Stripes – Little Red Book
05 – The White Stripes – Why Cant You Be Nicer
06 – The White Stripes – One And Two
07 – The White Stripes – Candy Cane Children
08 – The White Stripes – Ooh My Soul
09 – The White Stripes – Hello Operator (Demo Version)
10 – Jack White – In My Time Of Dyin
11 – Jack White – Fragile Girl
12 – Jack White – Dyin Crap Shooters Blues
13 – Jack White – Cold Brains
14 – Three Generators – Mystery Man (Feat Jack White)
15 – The White Stripes – I Never Thought that I Could Love You
16 – The White Stripes – House of the Rising Sun
17 – The White Stripes – One Night
18 – The White Stripes – Farmer John
19 – The White Stripes – Clarabella Skinny Jim
20 – The White Stripes – Small Faces
21 – The White Stripes – Isis
22 – The White Stripes – Looking At You
23 – The White Stripes – Red Bird
24 – Jack White – Seven Nation Army (Demo Version)
25 – The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Daniel Funk Remix)
26 – The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Rip It Off Acid Mix)

11 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: The White Stripes – The Legendary Lost Tapes

  1. I’m sorry but I’m not able to at this time. If you want to send me a comment about it in a month I might be able to then.

  2. Hi Adam, Yep Megaupload got raided by the feds several months ago which shut down their site and thus my links are now dead. At the same time Mediafire killed all of my files too because they were scared of being shut down.

    More recently Rapidshare has instigated a bandwidth limit which has severely limited my sites ability to bring quality shows to everyone.

    I’m currently looking for a replacement site but its slow going. all of this is to say that unfortunately I’m not going to be able to reupload this show anytime soon. My apologies. If I am able to get to it I will leave another comment so that you’ll know. This goes for the other two shows you commented on as well.

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