Bootleg Bonanza: Jeff Tweedy – All Alone And Lonely

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Jeff Tweedy
All Alone And Lonely

Sorry, I’ve got no other information on where this came from.

Not For The Season
Thax Douglas Poems
Bob Dylan’s Beard
How To Fight Loneliness
When The Roses Bloom Again
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Passenger Side
Sunken Treasure
I’m The Man Who Loves You
True Love Will Find You In
Old Maid
Heavy Metal Drummer
I’m A Wheel
Black Eye
Be Not So Fearful
California Stars
Airline To Heaven
Less Than You Think
Via Chicago

0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Jeff Tweedy – All Alone And Lonely

  1. Jeff Tweedy
    The Vic, Chicago, IL

    not sure but think it is this thou songs not in right order will d/l and follow up

  2. 2003-01-06

    01. Thax Douglas poem jeff tweedy #4
    02. Millionaire
    03. Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
    04. When the Roses Bloom Again
    05. I’m Trying to Break Your Heart
    06. Sunken Treasure
    07. I’m the Man Who Loves you
    08. Candyfloss
    09. Hummingbird
    10. Old Maid
    11. Heavy Metal Drummer
    12. I’m a Wheel
    13. Black Eye
    14. Woodgrain
    15. Be Not So Fearful
    16. California Stars
    17. Airline to Heaven
    18. Less Than You Think
    19. Via Chicago

    01. Not for the Season
    02. # Dear Employer
    03. How to Fight Loneliness
    04. # Pecan Pie##
    05. # Remember the Mountain Bed##
    06. Passenger Side
    07. True Love Will Find You in the End

    thax douglas poem is no 4 which eases the
    searching cos there are only 8(i think)

    did searching on the setlist checker
    @ wilcobase

    seem to be missing disc 2 tk 2-4-5 these
    are available @ a wonderful
    archive of wilco shows

  3. forgot to mention songs in wrong order because no seperation between disc 1 & 2 so on d/l there are 2 trk 1 3 6 and 7 cheers kev and thanks for the show

  4. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it. I got the show from my brother-in-law who likely grabbed it off some torrent so the details on the show were sketchy at best.

    Thanks for the reminder about owlandbear, I love that site but haven’t been in ages.

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