Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Alias – The Sideman Story Vol. 1

Bob Dylan
Alias- The Sideman Story Vol. 1
Source: Various official releases Tracks
Technically one might call this a pirate disk instead of a bootleg. I believe all of these songs have had an official release. However most of them are nearly impossible to find and are long out of print. They all feature Bob Dylan as a sideman. These are tracks by somebody else, released on another artists album, but featuring Dylan playing harmonica, or singing back up or whatever.

Links deleted. Since this is all officially released I’m no longer comfortable posting it here.

A special thanks to Bob’s Boots for all the info (and you can get cover art there too.)

Bob sings the lead vocal on Acne, Ye Playboys And Playgirls, With God On Our Side, and Only A Pawn In Their Game. Bob’s contribution to each song is listed in parentheses. Where there is nothing listed, Bob plays only the harmonica throughout entirity of the song

Midnight Special (1)
Mean Old Railroad (Danny Kalb-vocals) (2)
Acne (Jack Elliott – backing vocals) (2)
I’ll Fly Away (3)
Swing And Turn Jubilee (3)
Come Back, Babe (3)
Sittin’ On Top Of The World (4)
Wichita (4)
Big Joe, Dylan And Victoria (4)
It’s Dangerous (4)
Glory Glory (harp, backup vocals) (5)
Overseas Stomp (5)
You Can Always Tell (5)
Christmas Island (5)
Cocaine (5)
London Waltz (harp, backup vocals)(5)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (6)
Ye Playboys And Playgirls (w/P. Seeger) (7)
With God On Our Side (w/Joan Baez) (7)
Only A Pawn In Their Game (cuts/speeches)(8)
Downtown Blues (piano)(9)
Nashville Skyline Rag (guitar)(10)
Election Year Rag (piano)(11)
Somebody Else’s Troubles (piano)(12)

Information: (from cover)
Source / Venue:
(1) Midnight Special, Harry Belafonte June 1961
(2) Riverside Church, NYC, July 29 1961
(3) Carolyn Hester LP, CBS studio 9/29/61
(4) Big Joe Williams & Victoria Spivey sessions recorded at CUE Studios, NY, NY March 2, 1963
(2 LPs released as Three Kings And A Queen Vol 1& 2)
(5) Richard Farina & Eric Von Schmidt recorded at Dobell’s Records, London, England Jan. 14&15 1963
(Dick Farina & Eric Von Schmidt LP ’63 Bob alias BB Grunt)
(6) Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
(Elliott LP 1963 Bob alias Tedham Porterhouse)
(7) Newport Broadside LP various artists
(8) We Shall Overcome Rally, Washington DC 8/28/63
(9) Geoff Muldaur / Blues Project / various artists
(10) Earl Scruggs Family TV, Carmel, NY Dec. 1970
(11) Steve Goodman 45 b-side
(12) Somebody Else’s Troubles – Steve Goodman

8 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Alias – The Sideman Story Vol. 1

  1. Some other ones:

    Dylan played on David Brombergs f rst LP

    Also Dough Sahms and also

    in Leonards Cohens song Dont go home with yourhard on

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