Bootleg Bonanza: Whiskeytown – The Complete F*cker Demos

whiskeytown - complete fucker demos

The Complete Fucker Demos

Download MP3@192

1. In My Time Of Need (alt. demo version)
2. Bar Lights
3. Win
4. Comfortable Only At Night
5. Out Of Time
6. Sit And Listen To The Rain
7. Night Lights
8. Probably Gonna Happen
9. West NY Serenade
10. Lil’ Girls
11. In The World
12. Medicine
13. Today
14. Clearly Destroyed
15. Breathe
16. Fool

The Bug Sessions, possibly recorded during 1998 or 1999
Sessions recorded in Hoboken, New Jersey, possibly during 1998 or 1999
Heartbreaker sessions.

Tracks 1-12 have previous circulated as the Fucker Demos; the last four tracks were found on an alternate release of this boot (Fucker Version 2). Hence the Complete Fucker.

The other day I talked a little bit about how the ways in which I receive bootlegs has changed. Discovering MP3 bootleg blogs was a bit like going down the rabbit hole. I found one blog which linked to several others which in turn linked to more and so on into a never ending spiral. It was fantastic. As stated I went a bit mad and downloaded everything that looked remotely interesting, until I bloated my hard drive, and realized it would take me the rest of my life to listen to the music I now owned.

My downloading from blogs has now gone down to a trickle. Sure I still download music from artists I really love (like this boot from the huge Ryan Adams collection I linked to earlier) or others that just sound really interesting. But I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum, realizing both that my chances of listening to most of it is slim, and that I prefer to have my posts consist of boots I’ve received in trades or torrents and not from other, competing blogs.

This is all to say I’m getting very close to having uploaded every bootleg on my hard drive. I’ve finally just about caught up with all that downloading I did (well except for a bunch of Grateful Dead, but you guys just don’t seem to download from them.) This is not to say that I’m going to have to shut the blog down. I still have loads of CDs that I have yet to rip or upload to the site. Just from what I’ve already obtained should last me to the end of the year, and likely well beyond. I’m still also active in some vine sites and of course torrents. So I plan to stay very active in this blog (well except during the upcoming travel season but we’ve already talked about that) so you can look forward to lots more good stuff, and high quality at that.

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