Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Hornsby – Oakland, CA (Early Show)(11/06/98)

bruce hornsby

Bruce Hornsby
Early Show
Oakland, CA

Soundboard recording.

Download: FLAC/MP3

Sneaking Up On Boo Radley
Look Out Any Window
Fortunate Son
King Of The Hill>
First There Is A Mountain>
Hold On To Me>
Rambler’s Hornpipe> Tempest Fugue>
King Of The Hill
(Bruce introduces Phil Lesh and Steve Kimock)>
Scarlet Begonias*
Rainbow’s Cadillac*

Tennesse Jed*

Early Show. *w/ Phil Lesh & Steve Kimock
Hornsby Band:
Michael Baker – Drums
J.V. Colier – Bass
John D’Earth – Trumpet
John Derryberry – Guitar
Debbie Henry – Vocals
Bobby Reid – Sax
J.T. Thomas – Keyboards

Are you tired of Bruce Hornsby yet? I have organized the majority of my bootlegs into those CD books but they are in no discernible order. Knowing that I’d continually be getting new boots by the same artists it seemed ridiculous to also have to continually move disks about to make room. Organizing within the books to have artists in alphabetical order or some such thing would be a terrible nightmare. Instead I label each disk with a number and then add that number to the master boot list. Thus I can look at my list and determine where a particular boot is.

That’s the theory at least.

Anyways, for reasons I am no longer sure of a whole bunch of my Bruce Hornsby shows did wind up in the same are of a book. We are in the middle of that now. I bring my apologies if you are not a fan and are getting tired of seeing his name (although this is but a small sampling of what will happen when I get to my Grateful Dead section.)

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