Repost Bootleg Bonanza: Elton John & Ryan Adams – CMT Crossroads

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Download MP3@320kps: Amazon

Ryan Adams & Elton John
Grand Ole Opry House
Nashville, TN

01: (Rehersals)
02: (Intro)
03: Answering Bell *
04: (Interview)
05: Daniel @
06: (Interview)
07: Firecracker *
08: Tiny Dancer @
09: (Interview)
10: Oh, My Sweet Carolina *
11: Lovesick Blues #
12: He’ll Have to go $
13: Great Balls of Fire %
14: Rocket Man @

* Original By Ryan Adams
@ Original By Elton John
# Original By Hank Williams
$ Original By Jim Reeves
% Original By Jerry Lee Lewis

Just the other day I was saying that I don’t really do reposts (the comment of course being in the middle of actually doing a repost) and here I am doing it again. But this was a request and I absolutely do request reposts.

This is a fun, if not particularly musically interesting show. I love the idea of Crossroads (taking rock stars and country stars and making them play each others songs) but usually they pick lousy artists who already sound like each other and it just winds up boring. I like both Ryan and Elton a lot and its fun to see them interact with one another.

4 thoughts on “Repost Bootleg Bonanza: Elton John & Ryan Adams – CMT Crossroads

  1. No worries. I don’t mind repost requests at all. I just don’t do them naturally as I figure if a show goes down it is usually because nobody was downloading it. But when people come to my site and see something they want I try to please.

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