Repost Bonanza: Dire Straits – Cologne, Germany (11/09/79)

dire straits - cologne - 1979


Dire Straits
9 November 1979
Cologne, West Germany

Download: FLAC/MP3

2 x Nippon Chemi-Con EM-10 > Uher Report 4400 Stereo IC > master reel > DAT > CDR > EAC > TLH > FLAC > TLH 2.4.1 > SoundForge 9.0e > TLH 2.4.1 > .flac16

taped by LTB

TT: 100:00.00

01. [5:39.03] Down to the Waterline
02. [5:41.69] Six-Blade Knife
03. [5:26.70] Once upon a Time in the West
04. [3:31.41] Lady Writer
05. [5:52.21] Single-Handed Sailor
06. [5:46.06] Lions
07. [6:37.37] Sultans of Swing
08. [5:36.34] Wild West End
09. [4:13.50] Portobello Belle
—reel change—
10. [3:50.26] News
11. [6:55.62] In the Gallery
12. [5:47.57] Follow Me Home
13. [3:47.51] Angel of Mercy >
14. [4:11.04] Solid Rock
15. [3:12.12] What’s the Matter, Baby (Mark Knopfler/David Knopfler)
16. [4:28.74] Where Do You Think You’re Going?
—reel stop—

Encore #1:
17. [5:20.16] Water of Love
18. [4:55.57] Southbound Again

Encore #2:
19. [3:32.12] Setting Me up
20. [5:32.48] Twisting by the Pool

Complete concert.

Dire Straits are:

Mark Knopfler – vocals, guitars
David Knopfler – background vocals, guitars
John Illsley – background vocals, bass
David “Pick” Withers – drums

3 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Dire Straits – Cologne, Germany (11/09/79)

  1. Just a suggestion for this concert I cannot download it. It seems that the link points to the same page as if it were in a loop. A self-referenced link, they say… I don’t remember well.

    I started looking for Dire Straits concerts, when came into my mind an ex-companion playing in a group here in Verona, who makes this music in a perfect way, good guitarist. I still remember when I told him ” I’ve found music of Dire Straits” ” How can you think I don’t have it?” I still think he doesn’t have it. Supposing people I do not attend anymore.


    1. Many of the shows I posted years ago now have dead links. I’m afraid I no longer own some of them as I had a hard drive crash some time ago. I no longer have these Dire Straits shows, I’m sorry.

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