Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dusseldorf, Germany (12/19/98)

Van Morrison - 1998 - emeral dreams - germany

Van Morrison
Dusseldorf, Germany

Download MP3@320

01.Chicken (4:48)
02.Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven When You Smile) (3:55)
03.These Dreams (Of You) (3:38)
04.Raincheck (4:50)
05.Moondance >
My Funny Valentine (7:53)
06.Rough God Goes Riding (5:10)
07.Give Me A Kiss (3:22)
08.That’s Life (4:31)
09.Naked In The Jungle (5:48)
10.In The Afternoon (10:19)
Total time: (54:14)

01.Satisfied (4:27)
02.Georgia On My Mind (5:49)
03.Call Me Up In Dreamland (4:08)
04.Summertime In England (7:44)
05.Medley: See Me Through>
The Burning Ground >
Soldier Of Fortune >
The Burning Ground (18:28)
06.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (6:57)
Total time: (47:33)

Source: The Rockpalast Christmas Special, broadcast from Dusseldorf, Germany
on December 19, 1998

Review by Niall Connors: Van’s show at the Rockpalast Christmas Show in Dusseldorf on 19-Dec-98 will likely go down as one of Van’s most famous concerts: it was broadcast live; it is an excellent show; the band was buttressed by Candy Dulfer and Fred Wesley.

The Internet quickly spread the gospel of this show’s contents, and that same Internet helped to spread quite quickly excellent videotape and audiotapes (as well as CDRs) of the performance. So, was there a need for me to splurge for The Polar Bear boot of the show, which Polar Bear claims to be a “soundboard” recording? No. Did I? Absolutely. As even my wife contents, my Van hobby may be expensive, but is quite benign in the face of other “hobbies” that are out there.

While I am not an audiophile, to my ear this is a soundboard recording, and it is a notch above the excellent FM recordings that are available through the Van-List and Van-Trades folks. Katie Kissoon’s background vocals are extremely clear and the instrument’s contribution is felt both individually and collectively. A
superb recording of a great show. A+

9 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dusseldorf, Germany (12/19/98)

  1. mat, thanks so much for these many van-the-man gems you have shared with us. so many of us enjoying the fruits of your efforts. this is truly one of the best shows i have heard from you. so many ways to judge: the technical sound quality, the era and song selections, the band of the day, and maybe most importantly, van’s head space. IMO this is one of the best shows you have shared. van is obviously happy to be sharing himself on this night (as he so often is when he shares the stage with candy.) this “in the afternoon” and “see me through …” are awesome and the technical sound is as good as van’s commercially released live albums. thanks again mat.

    1. oh, and this “summertime in england” is another gem for me ….i think georgie and brian bring a lot of support and encouragement for van to excel on this song as well as “see me through …..” medley.

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