Lyle Lovett – Vienna, VA (07/07/97)

Lyle Lovett
Wolftrap, Vienna, VA
July 7, 1997

I no longer have this show, sorry.

01 Babes in the Woods
02 Fiona
03 Don’t Touch My Hat
04 I’ve Been to Memphis
05 Band Intro
06 That’s Right
07 Private Conversation
08 Friend of the Devil
09 She’s Already Made Up Her Mind
10 Give Me Back My Heart
11 Her First Mistake
12 Nobody Knows Me
13 If I Had a Boat

01 L.A. County
02 This Old Porch *
03 Good Intentions
04 North Dakota
05 L.A. to the Left
06 I Can’t Love You Anymore
07 It Ought to be Easier
08 You Can’t Resist It
09 Church
10 Road to Ensenada

* With Robert Earl Keen Jr.

Source Info: SBD > (in-house FM/ALDS) > SONY TCD-D7
Transfer Info: MDAT > DAT1 > CDRW700 > EAC > DSP > FLAC

0 thoughts on “Lyle Lovett – Vienna, VA (07/07/97)

  1. That’ll be Robert Earl KEEN Jnr. in the asterix, I reckon. Many thanks for the LL posts – keep them coming!!!

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