Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Nanci Griffith – Austin, TX (01/20/85)

nanci griffith

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Nanci Griffith
January 20, 1985
FM Radio Broadcast

1.Intro & One In A Very Blue Moon (02:18)
2.(Oberman & Nanci Talk) (00:58)
3.(Nanci Talk) (00:41)
4.Roll You Colorado (04:38)
5.More Than A Feeling (04:39)
6.(Nanci Talk) (03:17)
7.Open Doors And Windows (02:49)
8.(Oberman & Nanci Talk) (02:47)
9.Daddy Said (02:36)
10.(Nanci Talk) (01:20)
11.Last Of The True Believers (03:07)
12.Love’s Found A Shoulder (03:10)
13.(Oberman & Nanci Talk) (04:23)
14.Dream Of Highways (02:40)
15.(Oberman & Nanci Talk) (02:55)
16.No Expectations (03:24)
17.(Oberman & Nanci Talk) (01:40)
18.St. Olaf’s Gate (03:18)
19.On Down The Road (02:55)
20.(Oberman & Nanci Talk) (01:34)
21.Fare Thee Well (04:06)

From the original uploader:

This is a very nice Nanci FM broadcast. She mentions that she just wrote “More Than a Whisper” which is on her “Last of the True Believes” album of which I think that was her last one for Philo and the semi big time days fast approaching.
After listening to the Nanci Griffith Ark Coffeehouse torrent I made the other day I just plain forgot that the woman is pretty darn good.So I perused my very small Nanci Griffith collection and came up with this one. So the lineage is I got this one in a trade along with the Ark Coffeehouse disc thence to EAC>traders little helper>you.

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