Bootleg Bonanza: Railroad Earth – Railroad Jerry Vol. 2

Download MP3@192: Disk 1, Disk 2

Thanks to my pal Dave for creating this and sharing it with me.

Railroad Jerry – Part 2
Railroad Earth performing the songs of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead

Disc 1:

Casey Jones 12-31-09
Peggy-O 9-20-08 w/ Bill Nershi
Big Railroad Blues 10-03-09
Friend Of The Devil 4-16-05 w/ Phil Lesh
When I Paint My Masterpiece 2-3-06 w/ members of HTHS
Sitting On Top Of The World 12-29-10
Gloria 11-24-07 w/ Lenny Kaye
Crazy Fingers 3-10-12 w/ Phil Lesh
Box Of Rain 3-10-12 w/ Phil Lesh

Disc 2:

Lay Down Sally 1-27-06 w/ members of HTHS
Dear Prudence 2-3-06 w/ members of HTHS
How Sweet It Is 8-16-08 w/ Scott Law
Pig In A Pen 4-19-03
Tore Up Over You 3-25-11
Let It Rock 9-3-06
Long Black Veil 10-31-04
Will The Circle Be Unbroken 1-28-06
Girl From North Country 2-10-06
My Old Home Place 1-27-06 w/ Bill Nershi Railroad Jerry – Part 2

0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Railroad Earth – Railroad Jerry Vol. 2

  1. Thanks for ULing this one. As a lossless fan, I’ve been a bit surprised at how good mp3 320 can sound. Inversely, bit rates below 320 do usually earn the SQ criticisms they typically get (especially 128’s). But that’s just me and my bad opinion. Would look fwd to hearing this if it was ever UL’d in 320 or flac.

  2. The bit rate is actually variable on this one, usually hovering just over 200 but I rounded down for the sake of comfort.

    I didn’t actually create this one so I can take no credit nor complaint for it. I will say that Railroad Earth has a ton of shows on the and I’d guess that you can find all these songs in FLAC under the dates listed.

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