Repost Bonanza: The Avett Brothers – Indianapolis, IN (04/16/09)

avett brothers - moses_namkung_-_Avett_Brothers_5

The Avett Brothers
April 16, 2009
The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN

Download MP3@320

Source: Busman Nak 300 Cards>Busman PMD660
Location:40′ from stage DFC, DIN @ 8′
Transfer: PMD660>Audacity>TradersLittleHelper>Flac 8
Taper: Paulbaptiste

01 Intro
02 Laundry Room
03 Die Die Die
04 More of You
05 Pretty Girl From Chile
06 Bella Donna
07 Travelin’ Song
08 I & Love & You
09 At the Beach
10 Backwards With Time
11 Nothing Short of Thankful
12 Jamaica Farewell (Seth solo)
13 Murder in the City (Scott solo)
14 Kick Drum Heart
15 Denouncing November Blue
16 Pretty Girl from Annapolis>Tales of the Coming News>Pretty Girl from Annapolis
17 Salina
18 Late in Life
19 Go to Sleep
20 Lover Like You
22 Paranoia in B Flat Major
23 New Song (1st time played to my knowledge–“it’s untitled as of yet”-Seth)
24 Talk on Indolence

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