Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin' Outtakes

the freewheelin bob dylan outtakes

“The Freewheelin’ Outtakes” (liberated Vigotone bootleg)
Freewheelin’ Sessions NYC April-November 1962
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Download: FLAC/MP3


1. Baby Please Don’t Go
2. Corrina Corrina
3. The Death Of Emmett Till
4. Mixed Up Confusion
5. Lonesome Whistle (H.Williams/J.Davies)
6. Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues
7. Milk Cow’s Calf’s Blues I (Robert Johnson)
8. That’s Alright Mama (A. Crudup)
9. Rocks And Gravel
10. Going To New Orleans (Trad)
11. Let Me Die In My Footsteps
12. The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
13. Wichita Blues (Going to Louisiana) I (Trad)
14. Sally Gal
15. Whatcha Gonna Do

Bonus Alternate takes:
16. Mixed Up Confusion
17. Rocks And Gravel
18. That’s Alright Mama (A. Crudup)
19. Mixed Up Confusion
20. Corrina Corrina
21. Milk Cow’s Calf’s Blues II (Robert Johnson)
22. Wichita Blues (Going to Louisiana) II (Trad)
23. Whatcha Gonna Do
24. Baby I’m In The Mood For You
25. Sally Gal

Bobsboots says:

A great package. The cover is an alternate photo from the Don Hunstien West 4th street photo shoot that produced the official LP cover. Inside is Dylan at CBS studio NY with famed producer John Hammond. The recordings are clear, crisp, and right off of the mix down board. This CD belongs in every collection. It was re-released in 1999 by an unknown Label, and again in 2001 by OMR.

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