Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Groningen, Netherlands (02/08/92)

van morrison - 1992 hqdefault

Van Morrison
Groningen, The Netherlands
February 8, 1992

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Recording (sorry I have no other info than that.)

Disc 1
01-Professional Jealousy
02-Here Comes The Knight
03-The Mystery
04-Some Peace Of Mind
05-Tore Down A La Rimbaud
06-Foreign Window
07-Queen Of The Slipstream
08-All Saints Day
09-Moody’s Mood For Love
11-Sweet Thing
12-My Lagan Love
13-Star Of The County Down
14-Northern Muse-Solid Ground
15-Youth Of 1,000 Summers
16-So Quiet In Here-That’s Where It’s At
17-A Town Called Paradise

Disc 2
01-I’m Not feeling It Anymore
02-Why Must I Always Explain
03-Cleaning Windows-Be-Bop-A-Lula
04-See Me Through-Soldier Of Fortune
05-Sticks And Stones
06-Twistin’ The Night Away
07-Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart #2
08-In The Garden
09-I Can’t Stop Loving You
11-Joyous Sound

Ronnie Johnson
Teena Lyle
John Miller
Kate St John
Paul Robinson
Nicky Scott

6 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Groningen, Netherlands (02/08/92)

  1. Yet to hear but got to say Mat you are really supplying the goods. After ‘Poetic Champions’, ‘Hymns to the silence’ is the next truly essential Van album IMO. For some reason these early ’92 shows don’t turn up as often as other ‘recent’ tours so great to have another one. I did collect some in low bitrates from sugamegs a while back and couldn’t understand the mixed crowd reaction on them, or the shortage of shows circulating in lossless.
    Thanks again, really looking forward to giving this a spin

  2. Bit of feedback
    Got from new hosts without problem, lots had failed to upload but still plenty of options
    I used Megashares, hipfile and Bayfiles running simultaneously.
    for ref – Cyberlocker requires free registration, ‘Sendmyway’ converted to an .exe – never a good indicator!
    FLAC’s sound great, remastered DAT Master and sounds like it too. Setlist features plenty of ‘Poetic Champions’ and ‘Hymns’ – good stuff!

  3. I got the MP3’s to work under the hipfile (they have a ton of fake download buttons, make sure you get the right one).

    I’m listening now, it’s a pretty good AUD recording. Van was doing really long shows (for him) back then, 28 songs.

    I have not been able to find any soundboard recordings from the 92 shows. Let me know if anyone knows of one.

    Thanks Mat.

  4. Hi Mat! I left a bunch of thoughts about Van boots – per your earlier request – but I’m not sure if you’ll see that that comment thread has been updated. So here they are as well:


    Awesome! Mat, your Van blog (http://morrisoncafe.blogspot.com/) is a huge and welcome resource for all of us Van-nuts out here. Thank you very much for taking the time to set it up and populate it.

    Here are, belatedly, some of my thoughts regarding Van boots.

    My single favorite Van boot was, for years, the famous Pacific Heights one from 1971. I love the clarity (from an FM source), and the song selection and performances are amazing. And so I have been eager to collect any other boots from 1970 or ’71, which you have been kind enough to post. That was my “center of gravity” for Van boots for a while.

    Later, I discovered what became my new favorite period of Van boots – the ’78/’79 period surrounding the promotion of his “Into The Music” and “Wavelength” albums. Those two records are among his best, containing some of his most upbeat music – before, in his later years, he got more grumpy and also more repetitive song-wise (as if he were constantly trying to re-write the same song, often about leaves falling or the perils of showbiz or the days gone by.). On those two albums, and “Common One” from 1980, it was more about a jublilant celebration of self and community.

    The best boots from ’78-’79, for me, are the NYC Bottom Line gig from ’78, which includes my favorite live version ever of “Caravan” – in fact that may well be my single favorite concert performance by anyone; and the ’79 Berkely broadcast. Each find Van with a great touring band, living inside all those new songs shortly after crafting them, for adoring audiences. Anything from either of those two years is gold for me.

    My third favorite period of Van live boots is actually the very recent period – from 2007 or so onwards. This was when he started weeding out most of the (in my opinion) terrible 80s songs that clogged his setlists for so long, like Trans-Euro Train or Vanlose Stairway. Instead, he reached back to great closet cuts like “Fair Play,” “The Mystery” and “Haunts Of Ancient Peace.” He has also been playing lots of sax at these gigs, which is great. And he seems more relaxed in his own skin; grumpy as ever in person, I’m sure, but onstage very pleasant.

    So those are my three favorite eras of “Live Van” – 1970/71, 1978/79, and the current period running from 2007 or so ’til the present.

    As for Van studio boots, the Genuine Philosopher Series hits so many home runs, one wonders why the labels don’t just go ahead and release all those rare but available cuts officially. Cuts from that series like the b-side “You Got The Power” and “Caledonia” are among his best.

    There aren’t many other Van studio boots that I know of; unlike Dylan, I think Van pretty much puts out most of what he records – not as much quality control, some might say!

    So those are some initial thoughts. I hope they help. I tried to enter them on your Van blog, but don’t have the types of “IDs” that are requested (Google, TypePad, etc), unlike here where I can just log in comments as an anonymous user without those passwords.

    Thanks for all you do, Mat!

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