Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Frankfurt, Germany (09/20/86)

van morrison - copycats ripped off my soul - R-6720860-1430141765-9982.jpeg

Copycats Ripped Off My Soul
Alte Oper
Frankfurt, Germany

Download: FLAC, MP3

01. Moondance
02. Celtic Swing
03. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
04. Warm Feeling
05. Here Comes The Knight
06. Domino
07. I Will Be There
08. Gloria
09. A Sense Of Wonder
10. And The Healing Has Begun
11. In The Garden
12. Rave On, John Donne

Van Morrison – vocals, guitar, sax, harmonica
Jerome Rinson – bass
Arty McGlynn – guitar
Ray Jones – drums
Richard Buckley – saxophone
Martin Drover – trumpet
Clifford Drinkwater – keyboards
Helen Bradley – backing vocals
Joan Joyce – backing vocals

SOURCE: Audience
LINEAGE: vinyl or CD bootleg > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav > Trader’s Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > HungerCity>MP3

This was released as a vinyl and a CD bootleg on the Skeleton Songs label. Itís a very nice audience recording that Iíd grade a B+ in sound quality. A complete version of this show is known to exist; if you have it, share it. Thanks!
dcat . . . out of the cornpatch and into the clouds


From Mat: I spent much of the weekend going through Guitars101 and some other blogs downloading all the Van Morrison shows I could get my hands on.  Awesome stuff but a lot of it was MP3 which means you’ll see much of it here over the next few weeks/months/years (it was a lot of shows.)

10 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Frankfurt, Germany (09/20/86)

  1. Cool….I’ve been through that blog and tried to grab as much as I could but Edge justs piles it on!
    Appreciate the ‘file digging’ Mat


  2. Hi Mat,
    I think this one might have slipped under my radar too. I gave up on monitoring the lssy sections of g101 a while back, just can’t cope, and something had to go!!

    It is great that EDGE posts so much stuff but sometimes it seems to just fly past in a haze, sometimes you need a little time to ‘digest’ and I really like the feedback and exchange of views that happens here. i would never have anything but good things to say about the TUBE, aside from other considerations he has helped me out several times with requests and stuff. I think there is plenty of room for more than one kind of blog anyway, at times the comments section here rminds me of Qualitybootz, with lots of good music fans ‘chipping in’.

    Oh Mat, did ya like the Bob? let me know if you like the era or if you’d rather step back to some ’74, RTR or even some ’78 next time. I have some of each i’d be happy to put your way whenever you are ready

  3. I won’t complain a bit about EDGE as he so posts a million great things, but I’ll agree that I prefer the conversations we have here. Honestly I rarely have time to listen to the stuff I post here much less being able to grab and listen to other peoples stuff.

    It really is wonderful to have so many cool people popping in here to toss out their two cents.

    Honestly I’ve yet to listen to what you sent. My in-laws were down all last week which made it difficult to do much of anything, and bootleg listening was pretty much out of the question. I’ll give it a spin tonight or tomorrow and let you know.

  4. Yikes – sounds very ‘real’, anyway no sweat at all. All in your own time etc. I’ve been trying to sort out my zep and EC collections recently so, of course, there is new essential and missing stuff appearing on the blogs every time i check. Also disk space crisis continues and each bit of space i manage to reclaim just gets consumed. Anyway sounds like i can delete the Bob duplicate from the dropbox and wait for your guidance as to what you might like to hear next. If you do ever manage to reach a state of appropriate peace and karma you will find that compilation a particularly good late night listen.
    Take it easy

  5. Oh man, I forgot to tell you not to delete the 1990 bit. Due to the in-law hi-jinks I didn’t realize it was there until last night. The internet company I’m with is back to not allowing me much bandwidth until after midnight and I meant to download it last night, but forgot. Ack! I see that its gone. Oh well. If you want to push it back up please do but if that’s too much hassle worry not.

  6. I’ll try to sort it later, it’s partly my fault anyway, i’m frantically juggling disk space on a day by day basis. Really need (yet) another 2TB drive but not a realistic ambition at the moment. I blame Plumdusty, i mean my zep directory stands at about 850GB, yet somehow he still managed to have about a hundred boots I didn’t, and even a few dates too. Outrageous, I shalln’t sleep properly till it’s sorted!

  7. Oh man I know how that goes. I’m quickly running out of room on my 2 TB external. I’ve been moving some stuff to my 500 gig back up drive but that’s filling up to and really it is supposed to just have pictures and other stuff I want to protect.

    Then there are all the CDs from ages ago and DVDs with FLAC burned into them. Just unpacked a box full of spindles of CDs that I need to sort. Etc and so forth. One day (sigh one day) I’ll find some time and get everything organized.

  8. I reckon the Joan Joyce referred to as a backing singer is actually June Boyce who regularly features in Vans lineups.

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