Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Petaluma, CA (12/15/92)

Van Morrison - 1992 - At The Mystic Theatre, Petaluma California, Dec, 15, 92 - Cover

Van Morrison
Mystic Theatre and Music Hall
Petaluma CA Dec 15 1992

Download: FLAC/MP3

Master Cass>Dat

Oridnary Life
Im Not Feeling it Anymore
Why Must I Always Explain
Haunts of Ancient Peace
All Saints Day
Route 66
See Me Through>Soldier of Fortune
Tore Down a la Rimbaud
Star of the County Down
Cleaning Windows>Be Bop a Lula
Vanlose Stairway>Trans Euro Train
Lonely Avenue
Youth of 1000 Summers
So Quiet in Here>Thats Where Its At
A Town Called Paradise
Boom Boom
Did Ye Get Healed?
Sweet Thing
Its All in the Game>Make it Real
Moondance>My Funny Valentine
Its All Over Now Baby Blue
What I’d Say
In the Garden>Daring Night

7 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Petaluma, CA (12/15/92)

  1. Appreciate the site – for much of the music and then there’s Van… Saw the artwork – thought it was another show – then saw the date – and saw it’s one I’ve never heard – and am looking forward to listening.
    Thanks – as always – it’s appreciated.

  2. It is definitely an audience tape. Crowd noise is high during the song breaks but softens a great deal in the actual songs. To my ears it sounds like there has been some tinkering with the levels and what-not to make it sound better. But I have bad ears and no real technical knowledge.

    For me its an ok sounding tape. Listenable but not something I’m likely to turn to very often.

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