Repost Bonanza: Whiskeytown – A Stranger Is Born

whiskeytown a stranger is born

A Stranger is Born

Download MP3@224

1. Ticket Time
2. Breathe (aka Believe)
3. Wither, I’m A Flower
4. Barns On Fire
5. Street With Sirens (a.k.a. Things I Heard)
6. Ten Seconds To The End Of The World
7. Turn Around
8. Everything I Do
9. Losering
10. Theme For A Trucker
11. Dancing With The Women At The Bar
12. Dreams
13. My Heart Is Broken
14. Luxury Liner
15. Houses On The Hill
16. All You Can Feel
17. Further Down The Road (aka Indian Gown)
18. Kiss & Make Up
19. The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over

A Stranger Is Born: Pre-SA Demos

recorded 12/96 at Captured Live, Durham NC
Producer: Chris Stamey
Engineer: Tim Harper

These sessions produced the double sided 7inch that was released on bloodshot and sold at the 1997 WT shows.

Ryan- acoustic and electric guitars
Phil- electric guitars
Caitlin- fiddle
S. Terry- drums
Billy Ladd- steel
Chris Stamey- bass, piano, percussion

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