Upgrade Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Los Angeles, CA (09/03/65)

Dylan 09 03 1965 - FRONT

Pay no attention to that cover art, this isn’t that boot, I don’t think.

Bob Dylan
Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, CA
3rd September 1965

Download FLAC: Mediafire
Download MP3@320: Mediafire

Technically this is a repost, but it was one of the first shows I ever posted and that was so long ago it hardly counts. Plus I’ve upgraded the MP3s and added in the lossless so we’re calling it new.

01 – She Belongs To Me
02 – To Ramona
03 – Gates Of Eden
04 – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
05 – Desolation Row
06 – Love Minus Zero
07 – Mr Tambourine Man
08 – Tombstone Blues
09 – I Don’t Believe You
10 – From A Buick 6
11 – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
12 – Maggie’s Farm
13 – It Ain’t Me Babe
14 – Ballad Of A Thin Man
15 – Like A Rolling Stone


Notes from the original uploader:

Good quality soundboard recording

This is another issue of the complete soundboard(?) tape of the Hollywood Bowl concert. It’s complete apart from the portion lost from the end of Tambourine Man, and the beginning of Tombstone Blues. There is noise as usual on Desolation Row.

Most reviews state that this is an interesting piece of history, rather than a truly blistering concert and I would have to agree. The acoustic set is brilliant, but doesn’t stand out from the many brilliant acoustic sets from 1964 to 1966.

The electric is a big step up from Newport, but a long way short of what was to follow in 1966. This is a fairly good electric band doing unadventurous versions of Dylan songs which mostly had already been recorded with a similar backing. It’s not an extraordinary rock group featuring Bob Dylan on vocals, like would gel on the 1966 world tour.

But, at least with this recording, you can see how they got to there from here. The most interesting thing about this lineup is how it foreshadows both the fierce rock of 1966 and, on It Ain’t Me Babe, the delicate pop of Blonde On Blonde.

3 thoughts on “Upgrade Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Los Angeles, CA (09/03/65)

  1. Mat,

    be sure not to miss today’s post on ‘A Thousand Highways’ – from the fab Paris/Hammersmith gigs of 1990. A perfect complementary volume to those ‘Acoustic London 90’ discs i sent your way a while back. Given the consistently excellent performances and the diversity of the setlists, compiling a single disc ‘best of’ is an almost impossible task, however it is bound to be a great listen anyway.
    I’ll never forget those nights, magic memories, i had great seats for all the gigs i got to and the boots still find their way onto my stereo as frequently as any of Bob’s catalogue.
    satisfaction guaranteed

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