Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – 1978 World Tour Anthology


Bob Dylan
1978 World Tour Anthology

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disk 1

1. Repossession Blues
2. Mr. Tambourine Man
3. I Threw It All Away
4. Shelter From the Storm
5. Love Minus Zero-No Limit
6. Girl Form the North Country
7. Ballad of a Thin Man
8. Maggie’s Farm
9. To Ramona
10. Like a Rolling Stone
11. I Shall Be Released
12. Is Your Love in Vain?
13. Going Going Gone
14. One of Us Must Know
15. Blowin’ in the Wind
16. Just Like a Woman

Recorded at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 02/28/78

Disk 2.

1. Oh sister
2. Simple Twist of Fate
3. You’re a Big Girl Now
4. All Along the Watchtower
5. I Want You
6. All I Really Want to Do
7. Tomorrow is a Long Time
9. If You See Her, Say Hello
10. Something There Is About You
11. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
12. Steady Rollin’ Man
13. Love Her With a Feeling
14. One More Cup of Coffee
15. The Man In Me
16. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
17. One Too Many Mornings

Tracks 1-7 recorded at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 02/28/78
Tacks 8-9 recorded at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 02/21/78
Track 10 recorded at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 02/20/78
Track 11 recorded at Osaka, Japan 02/26/78
Track 12 recorded at Melbourne, Australia 03/22/78
Track 13 recorded at Brisbane, Australia 03/15/78
Track 14-16 recorded at Osaka, Japan 02/26/78
Track 17 recorded at Osaka, Japan 02/25/78

Disk 3

1. My Back Pages (instrumental introduction)/She’s Love Crazy
2. Baby Stop Crying
3. Mr. Tambourine Man
4. Shelter From the Storm
5. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
6. Tangled Up In Blue
7. Ballad of a Thin Man
8. Maggie’s Farm
9. I Don’t Believe You
10. Like a Rolling Stone
11. I Shall Be Released
12. Going Going Gone
13. Rainy Day Women #12 & #13 (Instrumental Introduction)/True Loves Tends to Forget
14. Gates of Eden (Acoustic Version)
15. The Man In Me
16. One More Cup of Coffee
17. Blowin’ in the Wind

Tracks 1-17 were recorded at the Pavillion de Paris in Paris France on July 5, 1978

Disk 4

1. I Want You
2. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
3. Masters of War
4. Just Like a Woman
5. We Better Talk This Over
6. All Along the Watchtower
7. All I Really Want To Do
8. It’s All Right Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
9. Forever Young
10. Changing of the Guards
11. The Times They Are A-Changin’
12. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
13. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
14. Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)
15. It Ain’t Me Babe
16. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry

Tracks 1- 9 were recorded at the Pavillion de Paris in Paris, France on July 5, 1978
Tracks 10-11 were recorded in Paris, France on July 6, 1978
Track 12 was recorded in Nuremberg, Germany on July 1, 1978
Tracks 13-14 were recorded at Blackbushe Aerodome in England July 15, 1978
Track 15 was recorded in Los Angelas, CA on June 6, 1978
Track 16 was recorded in Philadelphia, PA on October 6, 1978

Disk 5

1. She’s Love Crazy
2. Mr. Tambourine Man
3. Shelter From the Storm
4. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
5. Tangled Up in Blue
6. Ballad of a Thing Man
7. Maggie’s Farm
8. I Don’t Believe You
9. Like a Rolling Stone
10. I Shall Be Released
11. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
12. It Ain’t Me Babe (Acoustic Version)
13. One More Cup of Coffee
14. Blowin’ in the Wind
15 Girl From the North Country

Tracks 1-15 were recorded in Seattle, WA on November 10, 1978

Disk 6

1. Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)
2. Masters of War
3. Just Like a Woman
4. To Ramona
5. All Along the Watchtower
6. All I Really Want to Do
7. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
8. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
9. Forever Young
10. Changing of the Guards
11. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
12. I’m Ready
13. Watching the River Flow
14. The Times They Are A-Changin’
15. Am I Your Stepchild?
16. I Must Love You Too Much
17. Fourth Time Around

Tracks 1-7 were recorded in Seattle, WA on November 10, 1978
Tracks 8-11 were recorded in Miami, FL on December 16, 1978
Track 12 was recorded in Springfield, MA on September 26, 1978
Tracks 13-15 were recorded in El Paso, TX on November 21, 1978
Track 16 was recorded in Binghampton, NY on September 24, 1978
Track 17 was recorded in Syracuse, NY on September 22, 1978

28 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Bob Dylan – 1978 World Tour Anthology

  1. my ‘Bad’ – will get on it – just been too distracted with all the great Bob posts all over the place recently. Did you grab the Charlotte 78 upgrade – essential stuff
    Also been investigating the recent gig recordings. If you want a recommendation of one gig with the ‘regular’ setlist go for the Blackpool 24 Nov. Great sounding recording on T.U.B.E.

    KEPT ME UP TILL 2.30 LAST NIGHT – No further recommendation should be necessary

  2. Mat

    Discs 3 and 4 are on way up, i’ve created 2 RARs and i’ll email you the 2 dl links soon as they are up. Thought i’d make it easy for you to pull ’em down after midnight and also get some sleep – any chance you can dl these 2 tonight? Despite purchasing more storage a matter of weeks ago, space is becoming critical again so i don’t want the duplicate shared copies hanging around longer than Is necessary. I blame EDGE for going on another posting frenzy and the Dead for playing so many epic shows in ’77 LOL
    Can you email me soon as you’ve got ’em then i’ll send 5 and 6 straight away on the same basis.
    Sorry to be so demanding but with all these new Bob shows to find a home for etc… Blimey thought i’d get thru Christmas at least before i ran out of space (yet) again!!

  3. No problem, enjoy, it’s a lovely compilation this one and includes 3 complete gigs, one from each leg of the tour


    links for discs 3 and 4 are in your email inbox now

    I’m off to bed, we’re losing the cricket to Australia (bit like USA losing to Canada at ice hockey) this one is gonna be best watched on the radio!

  4. I moved disk 3 to my Dropbox which I think means you can delete it. I hope anyways. I will do my very best to grab the files tonight anyways and let you know when I do.

    The daughter is a bit sick so that might throw a kink in things but she took some meds and will hopefully sleep through the night.

    Thanks very much DylanDave. I appreciate it.

  5. Alright, for some reason it isn’t letting me download from my dropbox so I’m using the original links you provided. Please don’t remove them until I give the OK. Its telling me 9 hours to download so that will be about 9 or so my time in the AM. I’ll let you know when I’ve got them.

  6. No stress, I broke the link with the ‘boots’ folder a while back as it was taking control and the updating/syncing is so aggressive on bandwidth. I was assuming it would be easy and straightforward to q the links but i have no personal experience so let me know if any issues.
    Anyway, it’s all relative, concentrate on your daughter, I hope she is feeling a bit better and that you managed to grab a little sleep along the way

  7. Well crap. I started it last night and it looked like things were going good, but woke up this morning to find it stalled out. I’ll try again tonight. If you really need to delete them go ahead. I’m pretty sure they are now on my drop box and I can get them from there even if you delete them from yours.

  8. we’ll leave ’em till ur sure, discs 5 and 6 wuill have to wait a day or two. Managed to squeeze another couple of GBs free on c to keep the wolves at bay for a day or two whilst i scan my slave drives for unnecessaries or duplicates.
    Anything i can do? Don’t think i’ve done anything different really over previous earlier efforts, don’t really understand why dropbox is giving you hassle this time.
    Does it enable a dl manager like FDM to be used with the direct dl links? Anyway, if you are able to copy them into your dropbox online folder i would expect it to just sync your local drive folder anyway.
    Oh well i’m sure it will work out, i know you have the bandwidth issues to consider so i’ll leave you to plot the best path forward

  9. Hey this is Mat’s gig, i would never have the patience or dedication to maintain a blog like this – however it’s always nice to spread a little joy – lets all hope the gremlins are gone tonight – anyway, by whatever means we will get this stuff up there somehow. Hang in there Mat, i’ll be ready with 5 and 6 whenever you are able to give me the all clear

    ps don’t you just love the arrangement of ‘Is your Love In Vain?’ included here – a true one off, that arrangement just vanished into the ether

  10. Grrrr. Last night I stayed up again and got both files to start downloading from Dropbox. Speeds were good and it gave me an estimated time of less than ten minutes.

    The daughter was still sick though and I was exhausted so I went to bed with it still going. I figured surely it would download with those speeds. Woke up this morning to find them both failed. This is really starting to annoy me.

    I think it is my internet connection and not dropbox. It is satellite internet which, much like satellite TV, gets wonky when the weather is weird. We’ve not had bad weather but some strong winds and heavy overcast which may have screwed it up.

    I’ll try to stay up again tonight and will stay with it until it is really downloaded or I go completely crazy.

  11. Oh boy, i hope things take a turn for the better, with your daughter in particular.
    I also know that sinking feeling when you wake up in the morning to find that all the dls you qd so carefully had stalled when your head had barely hit the pillow! in the uk it’s the ISPs who put a short interrupt (usually around 1 or 2 in the morning) just long enough to stall all your non-resumable d/ls
    Or is it in fact the Jazz Police, or am i just getting paranoid?
    ps strong winds and atmospheric pressure do seem to have a bad effect on digital transmissions (like DVB etc) despite the arrusances they gave us that they wouldn’t.

  12. I got disk 4 last night. I’m starting to get sick myself so I drugged myself up and crashed well before midnight. But the girl woke up somewhere in the middle of the night and once I settled her I loaded up disk 4 and went back to bed. Finally it worked so now I just need disk three.

    Sorry this is taking forever.

  13. Not a problem, i might have enough capacity allowance on dropbox to get 5 and 6 up there now – i’ll look into it later. Stay well if ur able
    ps another nice post on Thousand Highways today, might help to keep your spirits up

  14. Thank you very much! Thx Dave! You folks light our lives up! Look forward to get the CDs, all of the collection when available. I collect Zim 78, but have lost overview. Any tips what 78 recs a MUST HAVE? I was at Guthenburg 78, marvellous!

  15. Bubba Bass

    You definitely want the Paris shows, one is coming on discs 3 and 4, Nashville 78, Charlotte 1978-12-10 (new transfer available at T.U.B.E.).

    Another show was posted yesterday from final leg of tour

    Not so familiar with that one, i’m gonna check it out later

    When all the tour anthology is up you’ll have a good overview of how the song arrangements evolved during the tour. This is quite significant and often neglected when people write about this tour

    also try this link

    for general guidance – go to the home page for more detailed listings by tour etc

  16. Oh Bubba Bass/all

    try to check out this essential document of the first (far east) leg of the 78 tour. A personal favourite of mine actually, sound is better than stated, tone is warm and full, performances are exc

    If it’s not posted anywhere maybe we will be able to put it here on the blog sometime

  17. And, for the summer leg –

    A firm favourite for me is: Tales of Yankee Power / Earls Court
    June 18. Whilst the sound is not ‘audiophile’ by any means, it is
    very, very listenable, warm and plenty of presence…. let’s face it, truly
    decent sounding shows from 78 don’t exist.

    Or: one of the Paris shows. I like July 3.

    For the US tour –

    November 15, LA Forum. Or try the new transfer of the “Hush Sweet
    Charlotte” set which has started to circulate. Great show and the sound
    is enjoyable, even if it leaves a lot to be desired.

    One of these days the “Bootleg Series” is actually going to come up with
    something worthwhile, like a 4 disc set of a show from the fall plus other
    highlights, all in ‘Japanese’ sound quality 😉

  18. Yeah, i think tone of the recording is very important with 78 boots, you need it to sound ‘warm’. I would say that some of the more recent Paris releases could classify as VG+/EX-. It’s always a bit subjective of course

    of the fall tour, from memory Springfield, Carbondale and Nashville are amongst the best. Gotta consider the nature of these vast (often outdoor) venues from later in the tour – nightmare for tapers of any era!

    From an arrangement/performance perspective I rate Paris/London as the peak really. While the Street Legal stuff is great on the later shows and there are real highlights like the violin driven ‘Times..’ some of the core song arrangements seem to suggest tinkering for it’s on sake and don’t always work very well.

    Shame most of the Japan shows are in poor quality, shame the best sounding tape is same show as much of ‘Budokan’ album, shame the Brisbane soundboard is SO ‘dry’ and flat. The freshness of the Japanese shows always shines through and is captured really well on that ‘Far East Tour’ boot of the Osaka shows

    ps also can’t understand why the Bootleg Series has neglected this tour for so long, it’s popular with many Dylan fans after all

  19. Not at all, everybody should grab the Charlotte and acquire the LA show (15 Nov). I’ve got no lineage for my fraded CDR copy, but it should have been on my short list – solid show

    Really couldn’t pick a Paris favourite but i think my summer pick would come from that residency

  20. cheers – It’s fine to let me know here. Been an interesting 78 discussion thread running here anyhows. Hope ur feelin’ better

  21. Hey Dave something is screwy with the Disk 3 you sent. I’m only getting 9 tracks out of it. I got a little error when I unpacked the zip files, but I didn’t pay it any mind and now that zip file is gone. Any chance you can send tracks 10-17 again? Sorry for the trouble.

  22. Any chance of getting a link to the second half of the 1978 seattle set?. I think it’s great that you are making material from this tour available!

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