Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Peer, Belgium (07/18/10)


Peer, Belgium
The Peer Rhythm and Blues Festival
July 18th, 2010

Download: FLAC/MP3

Northern Muse
Brown Eyed Girl
Saint James Infirmary
Talk Is Cheap
Keep It Simple
Fair Play*
Play House*
The Mystery
Have I Told You Lately*
Into The Mystic*
Baby Please Don’t Go*
And The Healing Has Begun*
Help Me*
In The Garden*

David Hayes > Bass
Paul Moran > Keyboards & Trumpet
Richie Buckley > Saxophone & Flute
Jay Berliner > Guitar
Bobby Ruggiero > Drums & Percussion

Total Time – 52:38

Source 1: SBD
Excellent soundboard recording featuring part of Van Morrison’s performance at the Rhythm & Blues Festival, Peer, Belgium, July 18th, 2010
*Only these songs are included in the SBD version
Brilliant Jazz Version of “Into The Mystic”

Source 2: Got To Open Up

Lineage Unknown equipment > Cooledit > Flacfronted

11 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Peer, Belgium (07/18/10)

  1. THat explains what I was wondering about.

    I remember the FM source you posted Mat, good
    sound, enjoyable set.

    I seem to remember though, they passed over gems
    like Fair Play

  2. I actually thought you had posted both the FM and the AUD for this one.

    Speaking of FMs, if anyone ever sees Berkeley 86 then grab it. Perfect sound, great show (even a string section). I have the mp3 and have searched for the FLAC. If ever there was a show to have in lossless that is the one.

    It’s strange but it’s never been posted anywhere in lossless to my knowledge and in terms of ‘essentialness’ it’s right up there with ‘Dublin.. Sandy Row’

    I keep meaning to ask EDGE but he has just recently ‘come thru’ for me with THE 6 CD Bruce Boston ’77 Godfather set. I put the request in a long while back when it was new and nowhere to be found on the torrentz. You can’t put a price on dedication and perseverance.

  3. July 25, 1986
    Greek Theatre, University Of California – Berkeley, Berkeley, California
    Concert Series – Live (and others)
    Got To Go Back To The Greek (complete)
    Here Comes the Van (and others)
    Live USA (and others)
    Sounding in the Clouds (and others)
    St. Patrick’s Day (and others)
    This is an Unlicensed recording of Van Morrison Live (and others)

    Not sure which release i have but disc 2 is filled out with some great misc live bonus trax

  4. Understood,

    I just logged a request with EDGE – if it is gonna turn up anywhere it will be on the torrent trackers somewhere. I’ve been meaning to chase this one for ages, it’s been living on my mp3 player for 2 years!

    I’m sure it has never been blog posted in lossless – would make a great exclusive for the Cafe if it did turn up somewhere.

    I have a virtual vault in my brain of stuff which I have never found lossless but is still utterly indispensable.

    eg my ‘Alt Ziggy Stardust’ album
    MY 10 CD Marley stufio o-ts collection (recent from EDGE)
    bOXSET of Gene Clark rarities/outtakes
    etc etc etc…

    In truth I probably listen to, and enjoy these even more as they are of course always top of the list for the mp3 player. However the inner voice continues to drive me on to find the real thing!

  5. Cheers Bruce, i’ll keep a look out. ’86 is just a killer year for me. Van was an oasis of class in a desert of overly produced lousy music – another couple of years to wait for the renaissance years of Neil, Bob and Lou (and the Stones if you count Keith’s solo effort and lets face it, it was the best Stones album for years!)

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