A Couple of Things

The other day I got a random, slightly cryptic e-mail inviting me to a Bob Dylan site.  It gave me a username/password and told me I’d have to get a premium File Factory account.  I looked at the site and it contained a huge amount of Dylan shows, but again all hidden behind a premium File Factory account.  I was skeptical at first, but after passing a few e-mails back and forth with the owner and being far too excited about all those shows I laid my money down.  Luckily FF was having  a sale and I got a 1 year account fairly cheap.

Turns out all those Dylan shows are MP3 only.  At first I found this to be really annoying (don’t get me wrong I’ll still be downloading them all and reposting) but then I realized my premium FF account works for all sorts of things.  So I have been systematically downloading not only all the Dylan MP3s but also going through various other bootleg blogs and grabbing everything I can via File Factory.

Which is awesome, but also means some of you will need to be even more careful when it comes to grabbing things you already have.  I’ll still be posting stuff I’ve grabbed from the torrents and regular trades, etc, but expect to see more stuff you’ve already seen on the regular blogs.  Oh and lots and lots of Dylan MP3s.

Speaking of seeing things you might have seen before, I’m going to spend the next week or two going through some old e-mails and reposting a bunch of requests.  I’m really rather terrible and replying to e-mails and remembering to repost things when I say I will.  I get a lot of e-mails coming into my account that I post publicly on the blog and things tend to get buried fast.  Which means I’ll see something, maybe even reply to it and then forget all about it.  Sometimes this means I’ll promise to reupload something and then forget to do it.  So now I want to actually keep those promises.  Which means you’ll be seeing a lot more reups for a little while.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving (and for those of you non-Americans, I hope you had a grand Thursday.)  And as always, keep enjoying the tunes.

9 thoughts on “A Couple of Things

  1. More Bob you say? Well, that’s fine by me! Hope your holiday was nice as well. Always thankful for the gems that pop up on here.

  2. I admire the way you bring lossless files to a wide audience, but in the times we live in, an .mp3 recording of a great performance is not to be sneezed at. Thanks for everything, and bring on the good ones!

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