Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Tirol, Austria (07/15/89) “Somewhere Over the Mountains”

Van Morrison - Tiro - 1989 - Somewhere Over the Mountains

Somewhere Over The Mountains
Imst Festival, Tirol, Austria
July 15th, 1989)

Download: FLAC/MP3


01 – Did Ye Get Healed?
02 – Whenever God Shines His Light
03 – Cleaning Windows
04 – It’s All In The Game
05 – I Will Be There
06 – Orangefield
07 – Tore Down A La Rimbaud
08 – Help Me
09 – When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God

01 – These Are The Days
02 – Summertime In England
03 – Caravan
04 – Moondance/Fever
05 – Northern Muse (Solid Ground) / When Heart Is Open

Van Morrison: vocals, guitar, harmonica, saxophone
Georgie Fame: keyboards, vocals
Bernie Holland: guitar
Neil Drinkwater: keyboards
Richie Buckley: saxophone
Steve Gregory: saxophone, flute
Brian Odgers: bass
Dave Early: drums

Archival Recording & Preservation: Unknown
Digital Mastering: Jörg
Additional Mastering: Manfred
Digital Remastering: WOLF
Artwork: KnightOfSoul
Tree Administration: Udo
Special thanks to Rolf W.

Lineage: SBD > ? > DAT > Digital Remastering (WaveLab) > CDR
A vantrades CD-R Tree Production
FreeMorrison January 4th, 2012

5 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Tirol, Austria (07/15/89) “Somewhere Over the Mountains”

  1. Mat,
    Some nice interesting Van shows from this year turning up on g101. Might want to put that FF subscricption to use.

    Amazingly, no futher sightings of that stunning arrangement of ‘Motherless Child’ which blew my mind on the Birthday show. Can’t understand Van at times. I’m sure he knew he’d hit something special at the time. The bass player certainly did, he was beaming all the way thru it!! or maybe it was that gorgeous bass line he had going on.

    Anyway not heard the other shows yet, still on their way down, but nice long setlists.

  2. I always love having FF, the only one which is worth an extended subscription, especially as it is so d/l manager friendly, and T.U.B.E./Plumdusty/Wolfsbane compatible, and only logs you out very occasionally. Have you seen the Bob gig from the 23 oct London. the only one i haven’t yet grabbed. That said I will no doubt grab ’em all again when i see the SPOT versions. Apparently they have been delayed while he’s been out on his ‘field work’ Did see his from the 21 oct on g101. Must go back and grab that.

    I still keep grabbing the Bob shows, even though i consider this period to be a bit of an irrelevant footnore and tangent in the grand scheme of things. Went out for a brief stroll with the new 65/66 sessions ringing in my earphones. Came home 3 hours later. It’s all relative really.

  3. ps Mat,

    don’t miss the Bob Hammersmith 6 Feb 90, newly posted on g101. All the Hammersmith (and Paris) ’90 gigs are essential and the ‘Holy Grail’ releases are the best I’ve heard. Be worth seeking out their releases for all the Hammersmith and Paris shows someday. I have all the nights lossless but i’m not sure which release i have for some of the dates, CDR trades etc.

    1. I’ll definitely grab them. I took a little break from Guitars101 to work through some Neil Youn on Plum Dustys, but now you’ve got me back to grabbing a bunch from Guitars101. When does it stop?

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