Upgrade Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Arcata, CA (11/13/76)

jgb arcata1976

Jerry Garcia Band
East Gym, Humbolt State University
Arcata, CA
11/13/76 Late Show partial

Download Both Sources: FLAC/MP3

Single Disc (5) 42:14
(missing Friend of the Devil)
01. Crowd & Tuning
02. Stop That Train [13:25] [0:37]
03. Tore Up Over You [10:35] [0:23]
04. Strange Man [6:24] [0:48]
05. Midnight Moonlight// [5:42#] [0:08]
Ride Mighty High (Missing on ID 15851)

Source 1
This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 15851
Stop That train some static @ ca. 10:30
Midnight Moonlight cuts out

Source 2
Recorded By Betty Cantor-Jackson
7 Inch Nagra Master(Serial # SL11183) 1/2 Track @ 7.5 IPS Reel #4 only (#1,2,& 3 MIA)
Analog to Digital: Playback on Otari MX5050-Meyer VX-1 signal processor-Sony PCM R-700 DAT @ 48KHz (circa 1999)
Original zero gen DAT played back on a Sony PCM R-500-Digital Audio Labs Card deluxe-16 bit 48KHzEditing(Adobe Audition CC)-Mastering & Processing(iZotope Ozone 6)-FLAC encoding(dBpoweramp)-Tagging(Tag & Re-name)

2 thoughts on “Upgrade Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Arcata, CA (11/13/76)

  1. Thanks for yet another upgrade, i grabbed both sources, its a wonderful recording of the molasses era of JGB. I had a crappy few songs of this as filler and this is far and beyond an improvement. I am listening to the first source Keith is crystal clear, nice to hear 🙂

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