Bootleg Bonana: Bob Dylan – Tokyo, Japan (02/20/78)

Bob Dylan
Nippon Budokan Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Download MP3@160

I’ve posted a high quality lossless version of this show from a different source here.

Set I
Lonesome Bedroom
Mr. Tambourine Man
I Threw It All Away
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
If You See Her Say Hello
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Girl From The North Country
Something There Is About You
Maggie’s Farm
Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right
To Ramona
Like A Rolling Stone
I Shall Be Released
Going Going Gone

Set II

One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)
Blowin’ In The Wind
Just Like A Woman
Oh Sister
You’re A Big Girl Now
All Along The Watchtower
Simple Twist Of Fate
All I Really Want To Do
The Man In Me
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
Forever Young
E: The Times They Are A-Changin’

Repost Bonanza: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Spotlight Kid & Pompadour Sessions

captain beefheart spotlight kid outtakes

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
The Spotlight Kid & Pompadour Sessions
October-early November 1971
Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Acoustic Blues Session

Download: FLAC/MP3

(1) studio->tape 2nd gen->stand alone CD burner->CDR->flac->TLH->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac
(2) studio->tape 3rd gen?->Spotlight Kid DVD (from puzzleoyster)->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac (2nd revision)->TLH->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac
(3) studio->tape 3rd gen?->The Spotlight Kid Outtakes CDR (from perebeef)->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac (2nd revision)->TLH->wav-> Wavelab: sound editing->TLH->flac
(4) studio->tape 3rd gen?->Beefheart Studio Sessions 1970-72 (flac torrented on DIME)->TLH: wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac (2nd revision)->TLH->wav->Wavelab 5.0: sound editing->TLH->flac

1-01 Drink Paint Run Run
1-02 Seam Crooked Sam (Version 2)
1-03 Dirty Blue Gene (Version 1)
1-04 Sun Zoom Spark (Version 3)
1-05 Kiss Me My Love
1-06 Funeral Hill (Version 1)
1-07 Harry Irene – jazzy guitar version,
1-08 Open Pins
1-09 Dual & Abdul
1-10 Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (Version 2)
1-11 Balladino
1-12 Clear Spot (Instrumental)
1-13 Circumstances
1-14 I’m Gonna Booglarize You, Baby (Instrumental)
1-15 Low Yo Yo Stuff (Instrumental)
1-16 Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (Version 1)
1-17 Little Scratch (Version 2)

Pompadour Session
2-01 Pompadour I 2 takes
2-02 Pompadour II 5 takes

3-01 Suzy Murder Wrist
3-02 U Bean So Cinquo
3-03 The Witch Doctor Life
3-04 Little Scratch (Version 1)
3-05 Flaming Autograph
3-06 Love Grip
3-07 No Flower Shall Grow
3-08 Best Batch Yet (Version 1) 3 takes
3-09 Your Love Brought Me To Life 2 takes
3-10 That Little Girl
3-11 Campfires
3-12 Well Well Well
3-13 Funeral Hill (Version 3)
3-14 Seam Crooked Sam (Version 1)
3-14 Alice In Blunderland
3-15 Funeral Hill (Version 2)
3-16 Best Batch Yet (Version 2)
3-17 Dirty Blue Gene (Version 2)

The Acoustic Blues Session (mono)
4-01 Sun Zoom Spark (Version 1)
4-02 Scratch My Back
4-03 Blues Medley
4-03a Down In The Bottom (Howlin’ Wolf, 1961)
4-03b Key To The Highway (Big Bill Broonzy, 1941)
4-03c Grandpa Don’t Love Grandma No More
4-04 Sun Zoom Spark (Version 2)

Repost Bonanza: Evan Dando – Iowa City, IA (01/18/04)

evan dando

Evan Dando
Gabe’s Oasis
Iowa City, IA

Download MP3@192kps

recording: sbd>analog cable>sony tcd-d100
transfer: tcd-d100>analog cable>creative sb live!>cool edit 2000>cd wav>shn
tlh > cd wav > flac frontend level 8 asb verified

The taper ran out of tape on the last song, a Big Star cover,
so it fades out and then back in once he inserted a new tape.

Disc 1
01. Confetti
02. Into Your Arms
03. All My Life
04. My Drug Buddy
05. Hannah & Gabi
06. My Idea
07. The Outdoor Type
08. Tenderfoot
09. If I Could Talk I’d Tell You
10. Great Big No
11. Hard Drive
12. The Turnpike Down
13. Down About It
14. How Will I Know [Whitney Houston]
15. I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman [Britney Spears]
16. Different Drum [Michael Nesmith]
17. Why Do You Do This To Yourself?
18. Shots Is Fired
19. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without
20. Ride With Me
21. Stove
22. Fall Down Dead
23. Being Around
24. Frying Pan [Victoria Williams]
25. Rudderless
26. Lake Charles [Lucinda Williams]
27. Abandoned [Lucinda Williams]
28. Side of The Road [Lucinda Williams]
29. Like A Rose [Lucinda Williams]
30. It’s A Shame About Ray

Disc 2
01. We had it coming! I’m not political by the way!!
02. How Much I’ve Lied [Gram Parsons]
03. $1000 Wedding [Gram Parsons]
04. Mallo Cup
05. I Don’t Want To Hurt You
06. Window Shopping [Hank Williams]
07. Left For Dead
08. Style
09. Bit Part
10. Ballad of El Goodo [Big Star]

Repost Bonanza: Adele – Leeds, England (04/14/11)

Adele Tabernacle London

O2 Academy
Leeds, United Kingdom

Download: FLAC/MP3

Lineage: CA-11 Mics, CA-9100 Preamp, Sony PCM-M10 48 Khz 24 Bit Stereo / SD Card -> Soundforge 9.0 (Fade in/Out, Normalise, Down Sample) -> CD Wave Editor 1.98 -> TLH 2.50 -> FLAC
Recording position: Far Right of Stage 15 Metres from Right Speaker Stack

01. Hometown Glory
02. I’ll Be Waiting
03. Don’t You Remember
04. Turning Tables
05. Set Fire To The Rain
06. If It Hadn’t Been For Love
07. My Same
08. Take It All
09. Rumor Has It All
10. Right As Rain
11. One And Only
12. Lovesong
13. Chasing Pavements
14. Make You Feel My Love
15. Someone Like You
16. Rolling In The Deep

The Band:

Adele – Vocals and Guitar
Ben Thomas – Guitar
Tim Van Der Kuil – Guitar
Miles Robertson – Keys
Sam Dixon – Bass
Derrick Wright – Drums

Repost Bonanza: 10,000 Maniacs – Buffalo, NY (01/04/89) “From Natalie With Love”


10,000 Maniacs
From Natalie With Love 1989 [Liberated Bootleg]
July 4, 1989
Rich Stadium in Buffalo NY
Opening Act for Grateful Dead

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Silvercd –> EAC –> FLAC –> DIME


01. What’s The Matter Here
02. Eat For Two
03. A Campfire Song
04. Cherry Tree
05. City of Angels
06. Blind Faith
07. Dust Bowl
08. Trouble Me
09. Gun Shy
10. Poison In The Well
11. Hey Jack Kerouac
12. Happy Puppet
13. Like the Weather
14. Headstrong
15. Don’t Talk
16. My Sister Rose

total playing time: 61:38

Upgrade Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – San Francisco, CA (10/06/93)

Jerry Garcia Band
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

Audience Recording

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set I
Cats Under The Stars
Down Under The Stars
Stop That Train
Let It Rock
Run For The Roses
Mississippi Moon
It’s A Wonderful World
Wonderful World
Lay Down Sally
Set II
Shining Star
The Maker
Simple Twist Of Fate of Fate
Tore Up Over You Over You
Don’t Let Go
Tangled Up In Blue

Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, David Kemper, David Nelson, Sandy Rothman.

Repost Bonanza: The Doors – Isle of Wight, England (08/30/70)


The Doors
August 30, 1970 (Saturday)
East Afton Farm
“The Isle Of Wight Festival”
Isle Of Wight, England
[Soundboard Recording]

Multi-Track Master > DAT > DAT > CDR > WAV > Flac Frontend > FLAC (lvl 8, SBE aligned)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Track List:

01. Introduction – 0:18
02. Back Door Man – 4:18
03. Break On Through – 4:53
04. When The Music’s Over – 13:31
05. Ship Of Fools – 7:37
06. Roadhouse Blues – 6:07
06. Light My Fire – 14:21
07. The End – 18:18

Notes from the original uploader:

For years, The Doors’ performance at the Isle Of Wight has only been available in an edited or incomplete form. The most popular release, “Palace Of Exile,” is missing over a minute in the middle of “The End” and the intro to “When The Music’s Over” is severly edited. Audience recordings of the show are missing “Roadhouse Blues.” Previously on this site someone offered a matrix of the audience and soundboard sources in order to recreate the complete concert in the best quality available. Now for the first time, we have a master DAT source for the COMPLETE Isle Of Wight concert in perfect soundboard quality. At almost 70 minutes total, this is as good as it gets until an official release gets made — if one is ever made.

This comes direct from the multi-track master recording. Quality is near perfect. The only downside is that the stereo separation isn’t very good. It sounds like it’s an unmixed copy of the multi-track master. So you’ll hear Ray’s organ more in the center than it should be and Ray’s vocals are mixed way down so you don’t hear them at all during “Break On Through” and other songs. (A good thing for some?) Still, I would place the overall quality as better than “Palace Of Exile.” Little to no hiss. Bass level is much more reasonable. Sharper sound quality overall.

One small note: About 4:29 into “The End,” the music drops out for about 5 seconds and you only hear Jim’s voice. Not sure why, but “Palace” doesn’t have this mixing

Upgrade Bonanza: Jimmy Buffett – Mansfield, MA (09/04/99)

Jimmy Buffett
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
Mansfield, MA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set I
Lage Nom Ai
Stars on the Water
Ringling, Ringling
Pencil Thin Mustache
Coconut Telegraph
Walter Cronkite Margarita-vision special report
Schoolboy Heart
Waiting for the Next Explosion
Changes in Latitudes
Son of a Son of a Sailor
Come Monday
Walter Cronkite Margarita-vision special report
I Will Play for Gumbo (with Ed Bradley on tambourine)
Brown-Eyed Girl (with Ed Bradley)
Set II
Looking Back (sung by Mac McAnally)
It’s My Job (Jimmy and Mac)
Video: I Dream of Jeannie (with Utley and Tina)
Jimmy Draws winner of Millennium show trip on New Years Eve
Why Don’t We Get Drunk
Southern Cross
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Cairo (sung by Tina & Nadirah)
Love and Luck
A Pirate Looks at Forty
Margaritaville (including the extra lost verse)
One Particular Harbour
Johnny B. Goode (with Savanah Jane Buffett and Ed Bradley)
Uncle John’s Band (with Savanah Jane Buffett)
Oysters and Pearls

Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Hilversum, The Netherlands (06/22/77)

V.M. WonderlandTapes alt (06.22.77) FRONT

Van Morrison & Dr. John
The Wonderland Tapes
Vara Studios –
Hilversum, Netherlands
June 22nd, 1977

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So (2:37)
2. Nobody’s Fault But Mine (2:13)
3. Fever (3:49)
4. Foggy Mountain Top (5:03)
5. I’ll Go Crazy (2:59)
6. Baby, Please Don’t Go (4:19)
7. Santa Rosalia (4:11)
8. Announcer (0:39)
9. Joyous Sound (2:46)
10. You Gotta Make It Through The World (3:12)
11. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (5:17)
12. Shakin’ All Over (4:10)
13. The Eternal Kansas City (4:48)
14. Announcer (0:21)
15. Cold Wind In August (5:56)

1. Santa Rosalia (4:56)
2. Cold Wind In August (6:10)
3. Joyous Sound (3:01)
4. You Gotta Make It Through The World (3:19)
5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (5:26)
6. Shakin’ All Over (4:36)
7. The Eternal Kansas City (6:53)
8. Cold Wind In August (8:23)
9. Hallelujah I Just Love Her So (3:28)
10. Nobody’s Fault But Mine (2:44)
11. Fever (4:15)
12. Foggy Mountain Top (5:45)
13. I’ll Go Crazy (3:17)
14. Baby Please Don’t Go (5:04)

Van Morrison: Lead vocals, piano
Dr. John: Piano, organ, back-up vocals
Mick Ronson: Lead guitar, back-up vocals
Mo Foster: Bass
Peter van Hooke: Drums

Source 1:

msr(fm) > ? > flac

CD 1 from FM
CD 2 video feed (mono)

For years the best known set of Van’s brief collaboration with Dr. John in 1977 has widely circulated only in incomplete form and mediocre sound on a bootleg known as Amsterdam’s Tapes. Now, thanks to the persistence, dedication and collaboration of VLS (vanlose stairway) members and friends,
this rare show has finally been assembled from the best sources available to us.

Complete as broadcast on Dutch FM radio.

After 20+ years, we are sure fans will agree that it is about time!
Better yet, we have also unearthed the “raw audio source” of that set,
taken from the live performance for a TV program called “Wonderland” in Vara Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands. This audio has never before been circulated, and although available only in mono,
it will surely delight the attentive listener.

A Vanlose Stairway Production

Disc 2 appears to have had some digital processing (like hiss reduction), there is a bit of digital swirl in the background. A slight bit of non-digital static appears in a couple spots towards the end of disc 2.

New Notes:
New FFP, MD5, auCDtect Flac Reports, SBE’s checked and passed, Original VLS Art Work Included
FreeMorrison March 2nd, 2012

Source 2




Excellent Sound Quality

SOURCE: Digital TV Capture

This is a quite recent Broadcast, date not known

LINEAGE: AC 3 (Dolby Digital) Soundtrack > DVD Audio Extractor, capture as .WAV (48000Hz) >
Soundforge PRO 10c (Re-Sample to 44,100HZ & Track Splits) > FLAC Level 8


Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – De La Plana, Spain (06/21/08)


Van Morrison
De La Plana Spain

Download: FLAC/MP3

CD 1

01. Intro
02. Cleaning Windows
03. Magic Time
04. Have I Told You Lately
05. Keep It Simple
06. That’s Entrainment
07. In The Afternoon
08. Moondance
09. The Song For Home
10. The End of The Land
11. Saint Dominic’s Preview

CD 2

01. Vanlose Stairway
02. Behind The Ritual
03. Ballerina
04. Help Me
05. Lover Come Back
06. Steal My Heart Away
07. Burning Ground
08. Healing Has Begun

FreeMorrison Notes:

FFP, auCDTect Flac Reports, new MD5’s, and Original and New Digital Enhanced Art Included.
All files have been ID’d and the info updated and they are ready to burn or play in your favorite media player(New Digital Enhanced Art Made to help separate the 1st night Show (06.21.08) and the 2nd Night Show (06.22.08) which I will post next).

According to the Home Page of The Van Morrison Soundboard recordings By Eberhard Fritz

This show is listed as a SOUNDBOARD RECORDING Bootleg from the old Van Morrison Web Site. This would explain the brilliant sound clarity found here.

After further investigation and help form my good friend in the UK “Behindtheritual” – I have discovered that in fact on Eberhard’s website that only 5 tracks from these two concerts were soundboard and they were posted on the Van Morrison website. They are in fact these tracks> #1 Vanlose Stairway from the 21st
#2 Keep It Simple, #3 Wavelength, #4 Astral Weeks & # 5 Ballerina from the 22nd. These are the SBD tracks.

I want to thank my good friend Norm for sharing these Castellon shows with me.

When I 1st received them and listened to them I could not believe my ears, and knew there was something special about these shows. Not only is the sound clarity amazing – but Mr. Grumpy – Van Morrison is in a swinging mood.
This comes through the speakers clear that this is a special night for Van in Spain.
Rarely circulated these shows passed auCDTect Report and are 100% Flac I did find a few SBE’s here and there but did not want to reflac them. Deciding that leaving the files exactly as they were graciously given to me from my friend Norm was the best thing to do.
Perfect! Amazing! Brilliant Concert
(Much Respect & Appreciation Norm for these mind blowing gems!)

FreeMorrison, January 5th, 2012