Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Hollywood, CA (05/26/73)


Van Morrison
Wild Nights at the Troubadour Club
May 26th, 1973
Live At The Troubadour,
West Hollywood, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. I’ve Been Working
2. Young Lovers Do
3. Purple Heather
4. Come Running
5. Sweet Thing
6. Blue Money
7. Green
8. Wild Night
9. Caravan
10. Cypress Avenue
11. It’s Not The Twilight Zone
12. Foggy Mountain Top
13. Heathrow Shuffle
14. Naked In The Jungle

Violins: Nathan Rubin, Tom Helpin
Cello: Terry Adams
Viola: Nancy Ellis
Piano: Jeff Labes
Trumpet: Bill Atwood
Saxaphone: Jack Schroer
Guitar: John Platania
Bass: David Hayes
Drums: David Shaw

6 thoughts on “Repost Bonanza: Van Morrison – Hollywood, CA (05/26/73)

  1. Again interesting – the only stuff i have from this club residency is the JTT reworked ‘A Spawn of The Dublin Pubs’ vinyl boot. This is reported to be compiled from the 24th and 27th at the Troubadour and has a totally different setlist.

    This one looks like a true natural track order, so probably is from just one particular night. I’m guessing that the last 4 trax on this one are studio outtakes and included here as bonus trax.

    Just noticed this is a repost. Can’t imagine how i missed it the first time around, however the archives don’t lie, so amen the Speedy’s comment above!

  2. Mat,

    I can’t remember exactly when I found the cafe, but you must have been going for a little while because i had a fair number of back postings to dowwnload. I remember scouring the blog for days, checking whether links were still live etc.

    Anyway nice addition to my Van stash so thanks as always. I’ll try to up those Bob ’74 shows in the next few days, the Berlin 03 also if i can track it down. Just waiting for the next external HDD rotation. Can’t have ’em all attached at the same time and just can’t cope with the constant chopping and changing either. One day i’ll move up to a more modern m/b bios and a current 64 bit OS and merge all of these drives into a few monster 6-8gb drives. The current drives will then become my backup.

    Oh Dave, daydreaming again!

    1. I know you’ve been visiting for a long while. There are plenty of reposts I’ve put up where you’ve made previous comments. So let me take this moment to say thank you for hanging out here for so long and making so many interesting contributions.

      I hear you on the hard drives. I’ve got a couple of big ones constantly hooked up to my machine. I have a somewhat organized, but rather ridiculous method of keeping track of what I’ve posted here and what I’ve actually put onto my etree list, etc. I keep thinking one day I’ll get all of my CDS on the hard drive too, but I’ll need even bigger drives for that. Etc. But gee aint this fun?

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