Repost Bonanza: Addison Hotel Jam – North Wilkesboro, NC (04/28/95)


Addison Hotel Jam
Addison Hotel
N. Wilkesboro, NC
(Members Of Leftover Salmon and Nickel Creek with Chris Thile, Wyatt Rice, Mark Schatz, & Others)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Daud, in hotel room) schoeps MK4’s (ORTF)> VMS 02IB> TCD-D7@44.1kHz/Master> CDR> DAT> CD>MP3

Thanks to Dwight Schrutt for the setlist.

1. Paddy On The Turnpike
2. Nine Pound Hammer
3. On & On
4. (Chatter/Tuning)
5. Pike County Breakdown
6. Little Maggie
7. E.M.D.
8. (Chatter/Tuning)
9. I’d Like To Be A Train
10. ???
11. A Rambler At 21?
1. (Chatter/Tuning)
2. Another Rock In The Road
3. Mark Schatz Hambone Jam
4. Flintstones Theme (Thile & Schatz)
5. Lady Be Good
6. Highway Of Sorrow
7. (Chatter/Tuning)
8. East Virginia Blues
9. (Chatter/Tuning)
10. ??? Waltz
11. (Chatter/Tuning)
12. Old Rounder/Stockade Blues
13. (Chatter/Tuning)
14. Instrumental

Merlefest is an annual bluegrass festival in North Wilkesboro, NC. I’ve never been but the lineups are always spectacular and the bootlegs are usually hot. This particular bootleg was not actually a part of the festival but rather an impromptu jam session recording in a local hotel. It features members of Leftover Salmon and Nickel Creek plus a variety of others. Its a great listen of some great musicians kicking back in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy!

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