Upgrade Bonanza: Herbie Hancock, – Lexington, KY (11/13/02)


Herbie Hancock
Singletary Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY

Download: FLAC/MP3

stereo electret condenser mic to Sony TCM-D7 DAT > imported into Macintosh QS 733 via Midiman Delta

66 S/PDIF I/O > recorded w/ Amadeus II v.3.5.4 > Mastered w/ Roxio Jam v.5

Dolphin Dance >
Virtual Hornets
Middle Way
St. Louis Blues
Watermelon Man

Herbie Hancock – piano and keyboard
Gary Thomas – saxophone and flute
Scott Colley – acoustic bass
Terri Lyne Carrington – drums

4 thoughts on “Upgrade Bonanza: Herbie Hancock, – Lexington, KY (11/13/02)

  1. Thanks Mat

    A;ways nice to find Herbie in lossless.
    I refer to your comment on there not being much in the way of Joni posts/torrents etc. There are however some really excellent ROIOs which circulate from time to time. Really only talking about the 3 major tours (’74 w Robben Ford, ’79 w Pat Metheney and ’83) all feature great bands. In addition there are some early club dates, a set at Woodstock ’98 and of course the legendary ‘Summer Lawns’ demos (various releases over the years). For me the ’74 tour (especially the BBC Recs) is the best of all and most essential Joni.

    Sorry, I’m meandering, but found this great post this morning and right here seems like the perfect place to put it!


  2. This is my recording that I shared many years ago. Glad you like it, but you really ought to keep the filesets complete with the original text files and checksums when trading or offering for download.

    1. I would do exactly that, if I had them. I got this show in a snail mail trade (actually I think it was a vine on the old Philzone site.) My CDs are WAV files and if I ever had a text file for them its long gone.

      Thanks for taping it and sharing. If you you want to share your original text file for it I’d love to share it.

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